FarmVille2: Dream Renovations: Kitchen

Dream Renovation is back! Now is the time to embrace the change and renovate your Dream Kitchen. Barbara is excited to help you with her amazing selection of designs. So, let's start!

If you are level 15 or higher, the “Are You Up For A Challenge?” popup will appear. Click on the “Show Me!” button to learn more about this feature.

The Work Station is automatically placed outside your farm. Click on it to learn more.


Then, “Dream Renovations: Kitchen” popup will offer you early access to the feature. Click on the “Buy Now!” button to get an extra week head start and other benefits! You can also begin later when the feature is released to everyone.


After you’ve opted for an early access to the feature, you can proceed by clicking on the “Let’s go!” button. And if you have opted for the early unlock then you get this special decoration to make your kitchen look brighter, something like this.



You will then choose which mode of challenge you would like to take. By selecting the “Challenge Mode”, you’ll get to win extra cool rewards plus a new living room theme!


First, Barbara will give you a walkthrough of what needs to be fixed in your Kitchen and how you can work together to fix them.


There are 10 parts and furniture in your Kitchen that will be fixed and they are shown at the bottom of the menu.


The first item to fix is the Fridge.


To proceed with fixing this item, click on the “Go Back” button.


For the Fridge, there are 4 versions and 2 accessories to collect.


Collect all 5 versions and you’ll get a Grand Fridge!


To unlock the 4 Fridge versions and accessories, you need to complete the farm tasks before the time runs out.


Collect Heart Points by completing farm tasks.


These Heart Points will reward you with amazing prizes when you reach specific levels, after completing the entire quest.


Once you’ve completed the tasks, you can collect the 1st Fridge version.


You can now use this Fridge version in your Kitchen.


Click on the 1st Fridge version icon in the menu to see how it fits in your Kitchen.


When you’ve unlocked the 4 versions and 2 accessories, you can always switch your choices.


Want to see what some of your friends are doing with their Kitchens? Simply click on their images on top of the menu.


You can also get Heart Points by making a choice between two Kitchen designs.


Are you excited on how your Kitchen would look like after the renovations? So what are you waiting for? Head to the Work Station now, start designing your Kitchen, and win awesome rewards!
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