FV2CE: The Mother’s Day Event!

The Sharphand siblings, Edward & Ella, wants this Mother’s Day to be unforgettable for their mom by creating different shaped hedges. They will compete against each other to see who’s going to make the best hedge masterpiece. Help them with the celebration by participating in the Mother’s Day Event.
If you have reached Level 12 or higher you will receive an invite to join and compete with other players in the event. You will need to force close the game, or even reboot your device to see the feature.
You can begin the Mother’s Day Event by tapping on the Hedge which will be artistically crafted as you complete the stages. 
Complete the 2 Stages from 8th of May to 19th of May 2019 to win great rewards!
You need to craft items and fulfill orders to complete the stages. Once these items are crafted you will earn Mom Points.
Mother’s Day Event Leaderboard
Fulfill as many orders as you can to earn more Mom Points so you can move up the Leaderboard.
Leaderboard Rewards
Stage 1
No Trophy: 5 Raspberries, 5 Pink Carnations
Bronze: 1 Silver Stamp, 1 Padlock, and 5 Golden Gloves
Silver: 2 Gold Stamps, 2 Padlocks, 10 Keys, and Eggstatic Pin
Gold: Mother Daisy (Temporary Farmhand)
Stage 2
No Trophy: 1000 Coins
Bronze: 1 Silver Stamp, 1 Padlock, and 5 Golden Gloves
Silver: 2 Gold Stamps, 2 Padlocks, 10 Keys, and All Mine Pin
Gold: Garden Godmother (Permanent Farmhand)
Use A Boost
You can increase the amount to Mom Points you will receive by using Scissor Boosts. There are three Boosts to choose from: Silver, Gold, and Diamond.
Temporary Place of Interest: Garden Shed
The Garden Shed is a temporary area where you can get materials needed in crafting the items.
Temporary Farm Hands:
You can purchase Ella Sharphands and/or Edward Sharphands as Farm Hands to help you out during Mother’s Day Event. With their help, you’ll have a higher chance of finding rare event items and more!
Note: Ella and Edward Sharphands are temporary Farm Hands, and will only stay on your farm for the whole duration of the Mother’s Day Event.
New items and where to get them:
Raspberry - Garden Shed, Grandma's Glade, Old Mill, and Chicken
Macadamia Nuts - Garden Shed, Grandma's Glade, and Cove
Pink Carnation - Garden Shed, Grandma's Glade, Cove, Merryweather Mine, Prized Horse, and Prized Goat
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