FarmVille2: The Lighthouse Inn!

Our fishing tournament has become widely popular. A number of visitors are arriving to put their best hook forward. These folks are bringing their animals and we’ll have to make sure they are well looked after. Walter suggests we set up an Inn by the riverside, so the animals can stay close to their owners. Help build a Lighthouse Inn to accommodate these animals and get a baby Black Damascus Goat as your reward!

If you are level 15 or higher, the “Let Your Light Shine!” popup will appear. Click on the “Build Lighthouse Inn” button to begin the feature.

Begin building the Inn by first collecting all the materials you need.

Then, ask your friends for help or hire builders.

The finished Lighthouse Inn, which is automatically placed outside your farm, will look like this:

You can start housing the animals by clicking on the Inn.

Getting Permits to check-in animals
There are rooms in the Lighthouse Inn that the animals can check into. For them to be able to use a room, you’ll need to collect Permits.

There are two types of Permits to collect: Premium Permits and Standard Permits. To get Premium Permits, you must raise baby animals by using Baby Bottles. You need to Super Feed and Feed adult animals to get Standard Permits.

Helper Cards
Get more Permits to be able to use more rooms in the Inn. You can use Helper Cards to unlock bonuses like getting 2x Permits. To get Helper Cards, you can post for help or buy Reception Bells.

Animal Rooms
When you have enough Permits, the animals can check in to the rooms. There are five rooms to choose from: 3 Premium Rooms and 2 Standard Rooms. The Premium Permits are needed for the Premium Rooms and the Standard Permits are needed for the Standard Rooms.

There is a Reception area where you can view the animal that is waiting for a room.

The animals will be using the rooms for a specific period of time. Check the remaining time they will stay for by checking the timer at the lower left corner of each room.

Star Reviews
Each time an animal checks out of the Lighthouse Inn, you’ll earn Star Reviews.

Keep track of the Star Reviews you’ve earned by checking the counter at the lower portion of the menu.

Collect as many Star Reviews as you can to reach specific milestones and collect rewards. The yellow bar will mark your progress.

The Full House Bonus
The Lighthouse Inn offers a Full House Bonus that will give you additional Star Reviews when all of the rooms are occupied.

Your Animal Guests
A lot of animals will be heading to your Lighthouse Inn during the tournament. All of them will be special in their own way. But some animals will catch your fancy because they are quite different from the rest. And you might find it hard to let them go back to their farms. Do not worry, though, because some owners might offer to let you keep the animal for your own. So be on the lookout for these offers! When purchased, these special animals will give you twice the number of Permits when you Feed, Super Feed and raise them!

The tournament is proving to be a success! May our Lighthouse Inn be a great hit with our animal guests too! So start giving them true Farmville 2 hospitality and win awesome rewards!
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