Watch out for Black Bat Flowers! (Market LE Items)

Plant beautiful Black Bat Flowers and check out Black Iberian Pigs, Black Magic Camellia Trees, and much more! Available for a limited time!


Tacca chantrieri, or the black bat flower: has dark bat-shaped petals and long whiskers.

Black Bat Flower
Black Bat Flower Prizedobber


 Prunus serrula, or the Tibetan cherry tree: is easily recognized by its red and copper bark and white flowers.

Tibetan Cherry Tree
Heirloom Tibetan Cherry Tree
Elder Tibetan Cherry Tree

Camellia Japonica, or the black magic camellia: has deep red flowers and glossy green leaves.

Magic Camellia Tree
Heirloom Black Magic Camellia Tree
Elder Black Magic Camellia Tree

Betula papyrifera, or the paper birch tree: has pale bark and produces leaves that turn bright yellow in autumn.

Paper Birch Tree
Heirloom Paper Birch Tree
Elder Paper Birch Tree


The Jersey Buff Turkey: is a medium-sized breed known for its light brown coloring and white markings.

Baby Jersey Buff Turkey
Adult Jersey Buff Turkey
Prized Jersey Buff Turkey

 The Zhongwei Goat: is native to certain desert regions of China and is valued for its cashmere coat.
Baby Zhongwei Goat
Adult Zhongwei Goat
Prized Zhongwei Goat

The black Iberian pig: is a domesticated breed native to areas of Spain and Portugal.

Baby Black Iberian Pig
Adult Black Iberian Pig
Prized Black Iberian Pig

The gray European red deer: is a color variant of the red deer native to Central Europe.

Baby Gray European Red Deer
Adult Gray European Red Deer
Prized Gray European Red Deer


Sweet Tibetan cherries: add a unique twist to this classic dessert. Try a slice!

Tibetan Cherry Pie
Heirloom Tibetan Cherry Pie

Rich, creamy, and filled with pieces of real Tibetan cherries. Just how I like my shakes!

Tibetan Cherry Shake
Heirloom Tibetan Cherry Shake

 What's sweet, smooth, and has the potential to give you a headache? Let's hope it's Tibetan Cherry Ice Cream and not your significant other.

Tibetan Cherry Ice Cream
Heirloom Tibetan Cherry Ice Cream

Every waffle lover should have a least one bottle of Paper Birch Dark Syrup in the cupboard!

Paper Birch Dark Syrup
Heirloom Paper Birch Dark Syrup

Sweet Birch Nectar! Like Honey from the Vine! Or rather... like nectar from the tree!

 Sweet Birch Nectar

Heirloom Sweet Birch Nectar

Birch Syrup is sweet similar to Maple Syrup but from Birch Trees. Birch Syrup can be used on anything Maple Syrup can be used on including Pancakes!

Birch Syrup

Heirloom Birch Syrup

 This sundae substitutes hot fudge with rich paper birch syrup. Yum!

Paper Birch Sundae
Heirloom Paper Birch Sundae

Try topping your pancakes with a rich slathering of Paper Birch Dark Syrup!

Paper Birch Pancakes
Heirloom Paper Birch Pancakes

Filled with strange black bat flowers, this vase is the perfect decor for a certain spooky holiday!

Black Bat Flower Vase

Nothing says "I love you" on Halloween like this dark and deceptively beautiful bouquet of black bat flowers!

Black Bat Bouquet

A black bat flower hairclip: will match nicely with any witchy costume this horrific holiday season!

Black Bat Hairclip

Pair this vase of dark crimson black magic flowers with one of black bat flowers for an eerie and elegant look!

Black Magic Flower Vase
Heirloom Black Magic Flower Vase

A Black Magic Archway: screams holiday decor!

Black Magic Archway
Heirloom Black Magic Archway

Dressing up as everyone's favorite vampire this Halloween? Don't forget a Black Magic Boutonnière!

Black Magic Boutonnière
Heirloom Black Magic Boutonnière
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