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The wood of the European Cornel Tree: is so dense that it will not float in water.

European Cornel Tree
Heirloom European Cornel Tree
Elder European Cornel Tree
European Cornel Tree Fruit

The Marumi Kumquat: is also known as the round kumquat tree!

Marumi Kumquat Tree
Heirloom Marumi Kumquat Tree
Elder Marumi Kumquat Tree
Marumi Kumquat Tree Fruit

Satinleaf Tree: is a medium-sized tree native to Florida, and the Bahamas.

Heirloom Satinleaf Tree
Heirloom Satinleaf Tree
Elder Satinleaf Tree
Satinleaf Tree Fruit

The Chinese Mulberry Tree: is widely cultivated to feed the silkworms employed in the commercial production of silk

Chinese Mulberry Tree
Heirloom Chinese Mulberry Tree
Elder Chinese Mulberry Tree
Chinese Mulberry Tree Fruit

The Ginko grows best in environments that are well-watered and well-drained.

Ginko Wood
Heirloom Ginko Wood
Ginko Wood Fruit
Ginko Wood Fruit


This fantastic dressing will suit most salads!

Shallot Dressing

This recipe makes a wonderful side dish for any dinner!

Roasted Shallot Potatoes

A tasty and nutritious vegetable treat!

Creamed River Spinach

Cornelian Cherry: is really a edible form of a Dogwood.

Cornelian Jam
Heirloom Cornelian Jam

A delectible soup that is a delicious summer choice.

Cold Cherry Soup
Heirloom Cold Cherry Soup

A natural soda that contains Cornelian Cherries!

Cornelian Cherry Soda
Heirloom Cornelian Cherry Soda

Marumi Kumquat Pie: is a delicious dessert for a summer picnic!

Marumi Kumquat Pie 
Heirloom Marumi Kumquat Pie

Good quality Kumquat Jam: creates a fantastic spread for bread!

Marumi Kumquat Jam
Heirloom Marumi Kumquat Jam

These European Cornel Muffins: go well for an early fall dinner!

European Cornel Muffin
Heirloom European Cornel Muffin

Spinach and Shallots: is the perfect side dish for a summer dinner.

Spinach and Shallots

Sauteed Broccoli: should be cooked to a bright green color.

Sauteed Broccoli

A delicious creamy treat for dessert!

Honey Berry Ice Cream

A wonderful Satinleaf Jam that is tasty on muffins.

Satinleaf Jam
Heirloom Satinleaf Jam

A marmalade that would be best suited for your farm's kitchen!

Satinleaf Marmalade
Heirloom Satinleaf Marmalade

Black Gum Pancakes: make the best breakfast food!

Black Gum Pancakes
Heirloom Black Gum Pancakes

The first recorded mention of cheesecake has it being served to athletes during the first Olympic Games.

Honey Berry Cheese Cake

The zest of the honeyberries livens up the bland blueberries, and the blueberries tone down the rich tartness of the honeyberry.

Honey Berry Tart

A wonderful crumbly concoction that is a delicious breakfast option.

Honey Berry Muffins

 A tasty Sea Berry Jam

Sea Berry Jam
Heirloom Sea Berry Jam

A tasty Chinese Mulberry: Pie is just the right thing for a midsummer night's dessert.

Chinese Mulberry Pie
Heirloom Chinese Mulberry Pie

A Chinese Mulberry Cobbler: is a tasty treat and a wonderful dessert for the farm!

Chinese Mulberry Cobbler
Heirloom Chinese Mulberry Cobbler

A fantastic piece of furniture that will make a wonderful accessory to your farm!

Ginko Wood End Table
Heirloom Ginko Wood End Table

A beautiful Archway designed for weddings and farm picnics.

Dried Satinleaf Arch
Heirloom Dried Satinleaf Arch

An ornate and beautiful table designed with Ginko wood.

Ginko Wood Table
Heirloom Ginko Wood Table


This perky plant: is in season from June until July!

Shallots Prizedobber

With a very thin skin, Honey Berries melt in your mouth!

Honey Berry
Honey Berry Prizedobber

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