"Fall Harvest Festival" Quest Guide!

Barbara is looking for some extra hands to help the Fall Harvest Festival!
Greetings Farmer! How're you on this fine fall day?  Wonderful! I was just about to head on over to the Fall Harvest Festival!

Fall Harvest Festival: 1-8

Quest Tasks:

  1. Water 20 Corn to use for Barbara's Corn Meal!
  2. Make 2 Corn Meal for Barbara's table.
  3. Harvest 1 Heirloom Pear Tree for the harvest table.

Fall Harvest Festival: 2-8

Quest Tasks:
  1. Collect 5 Fall Tablecloth to place on Barbara's table.
  2. Prune 1 Nutmeg Tree to grow some Heirloom Nutmeg Trees.
  3. Earn 200 County Fair Point for Barbara!

Fall Harvest Festival: 3-8

Quest Tasks:
  1. Harvest 3 Fig Tree to gather figs!
  2. Make 2 Cranberry Bread for the bake-off!
  3. Make 2 Seaweed Salad for Barbara!

Fall Harvest Festival: 4-8

Quest Tasks:
  1. Collect 5 Fall Plate to decorate Barbara's table.
  2. Make 9 Apple Juice to add as a drink for the table.
  3. Make 3 Pumpkin soups for a cool fall day.

Fall Harvest Festival: 5-8

Quest Tasks:
  1. Craft 1 Fried Catfish
  2. Make 3 BananCream to enter into the semifinal challenge.
  3. Make 2 White Lily Pins to start the semifinal baking!

Fall Harvest Festival: 6-8

Quest Tasks:
  1. Make 8 Heirloom Double Fertilizer Rakes to decorate the table!
  2. Make 1 Carrot Bread to feed yourselves while you bake!
  3. Make 2 BananCream Pie to finish the Semi-finals!

Fall Harvest Festival: 7-8

Quest Tasks:
  1. Collect 5 Apple Basket to collect apples!
  2. Gather 4 Heirloom Pecan for your Heirloom Pecan Muffins!
  3. Make 5 Heirloom Pecan Muffins for your final entry!

Fall Harvest Festival: 8-8

Quest Tasks:
  1. Fertilize 20 Acorn Squash for the judges.
  2. Feed 8 Adult Goat to tend to them.
  3. Make 3 Heirloom Apple Pies to say thank you!

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