"Rhinestone Cowboy" Quest Preview!

 Ever notice how happy horses get when Marie visits? 
They miss her usual visits. It's the election… 
Tell you what-help me put on a little horse parade, I'll give you extra baby bottles. Deal?  
Bottle me up!

Float My Boat

For a proper equestrian parade, collect flowers, horse tack, and music. Let's get started!
Quest Tasks:
Harvest 20 Orange Daylily for floats.
Gather 8 Horseshoe. 
Make 1 Wood Guitar.

Spine & Shine

Find some really unusual cowboy hats to make us stand out at the parade. Plus something fancy for the wagon we'll be ridin'.
Quest Tasks:
Collect 5 Rhinestone Cowboy Hat
Gather 20 Heirloom Wood.
Make 2 Heirloom Wagon Wheel for the wagon.

There Will Be Wool

There's a whole ocean of wool out there! And I know just what we can make with it!

Quest Tasks:
Harvest 30 Wheat for sheep feed.
SuperFeed 5 Adult Sheep for wool.
Make 2 Plain Horse Blanket.

Chaps in Chaps

We need some foot and legwear to match the rhinestone cowboy hats you scrounged up!
Quest Tasks:
Collect 5 Rhinestone Cowboy Boots.
Gather 6 Fine Saddle.
Make 15 Leather for chaps.


We should get saddles that dazzle to match our outfits. The horses need a little pizazz too!
Quest Tasks:
Tend your Horse Stable 1 time.
Make 10 Spurs.
Make 2 Decorated Saddle.

Floral Corral

See if you can wrangle up some more of those Daylilies. We'll make a float!
Quest Tasks:
Gather 20 Power.
Fertilize 10 Orange Daylily.
Make 2 Daylily Bouquet

Know When to Foal 'em.

See if you can find a little mascot for the horse parade and keep the bling coming!

Quest Tasks:
Collect 5 Rhinestone Belt Buckle
Make 8 Leather Coin Purse.
Raise 1 Baby Horse to an adult!

Chapped Hides

Saddle up and get ready for the big horse parade today with some last minute flashy items.
Quest Tasks:
Gather 20 Heirloom Wood.
Gather 12 Fine Saddle.
Make 2 Embossed Leather Mirror.
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