"Cultivating Values" Quest Preview!

We the People will prosper if we "cultivate" the right values- and candidates! 
Which values?
 Maximize production! 
Drive consumption! Start construction! 
Cultivating now!

Grape Ideas

After you set up that souvenir stand, let's put on a little farming exhibition with exotics!
Quest Tasks:
Buy 1 Chinese Holly Grape Tree for coins in the General Store.
Water 2 limited edition Chinese Holly Grape Tree to wow the crowds.
Feed 2 Adult Buffalo to excite the kids.

The Taste of Success

Two thoughts: A- need more campaign buttons. B- Need something sweet to eat ASAP!

Quest Tasks:
Get 5 Campaign Button to spread Walter's message.
Harvest 12 Blueberry for later.
Make 2 Strawberry Pie for Walter's sweet tooth!

Walter Proofing

We can stimulate the economy through invention and innovation! Show them how water proofing works!
Quest Tasks:
Harvest 4 Rubber Tree for waterproofing materials.
Gather 30 water by any means necessary.
Make 1 Iced Fig Cake in case Walter gets hungry!

Don't Lose Your Shirt

Quick! Let's whip up some campaign t-shirts and snacks for this mob!
Quest Tasks:
Get 5 Campaign T-Shirt.
Harvest 12 Red Belgium Endive.
Make 2 Stuffed Endive Leaves to feed the crowds.

Oil Exploration

Show voters how to make more coins with exotic ingredients.

Quest Tasks:
Tend Pig Pen 2 times for truffles.
Harvest 20 Sunflower.
Make 2 Crustless Egg White Quiche.

We Hafta Moussaka

Cornelius will pull political support for me unless I fulfill his order quickly! Help!
Quest Tasks:
Tend your Prized Cow Shed 2 times for Swiss Cheese.
Harvest 20 Eggplant for Corny's Moussaka.
Make 2 Mango Angel Fruit Cake.

Indecisions, Indecisions.

I know you are undecided. My promise is to show farmers the path to prosperity. Help me to help you!
Quest Tasks:
Get 5 Campaign Ad Board.
Tend your Fertilizer Bin 2 times to get more Fertilizer.
Gather 20 Heirloom Peach to make high coin recipes.

Strolling by the Polling

I like to grab a little dessert and go talk to my horses after a long day. What about you?
Quest Tasks:
Tend your Horse Stable 2 times.
Gather 8 Heirloom Orange.
Make 3 Angel Food Cake.
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