Say Ciao to the Fiesole Artichoke! (Market LE Items)

Fiesole Artichoke is in season! Check it out along with Khaki Campbell Ducks, Ponytail Palm Trees, and much more! Available for a limited time!


The milk of the Lacaune Sheep: is used in the making of Roquefort cheese.

Baby Lacaune Sheep
Adult Lacaune Sheep
Prized Lacaune Sheep

The Khaki Campbell Duck: is a cross between three breeds of duck: the Mallard, the Rouen, and the Runner.

Baby Khaki Campbell Duck
Adult Khaki Campbell Duck
Prized Khaki Campbell Duck


 Chrysophyllum oliviforme, or the Kalamata Olive Tree: produces almond-shaped olives that grow to twice the size of normal olives.

Kalamata Olive Tree
Heirloom Kalamata Olive Tree

 Stewartia pseudocamellia, or the Japanese Stewartia Tree: bears white flowers in the spring and turns remarkable shades of yellow, red, and purple in the fall.

Japanese Stewartia Tree
Heirloom Japanese Stewartia Tree

Beaucarnea recurvata, or the Ponytail Palm Tree: has a unique trunk formation that is often compared to an elephant's foot.

Ponytail Palm Tree
Heirloom Ponytail Palm Tree


Flamingo Celery, also called Variegated Water Celery: is a fast growing aquatic plant distinguishable by its pink-edged leaves.

Flamingo Celery

Cynara cardunculus var. scolymus, or the Fiesole Artichoke: is recognizable by its violet color and tulip-shaped floret.

Fiesole Artichoke


Flamingo Celery Soup
Creamy Flamingo Celery Soup
Flamingo Fried Rice

Fresh Kalamata olives and the scent of Japanese stewartia: combine to make this enticing and 
effervescent oil!

Kalamata Olive Oil
Heirloom Kalamata Olive Oil

 Baked with whole wheat batter and freshly picked Kalamata olives: this lovely loaf is perfect for sandwiches!

Kalamata Olive Loaf
Heirloom Kalamata Olive Loaf

 What happens when you deep fry Kalamata olives in cheese batter? Something delicious!
Kalamata Baked Cheese Olives
Heirloom Kalamata Baked Cheese Olives

Artisanal Fiesole artichokes pickled and drenched in olive oil: the perfect preserve!
Pickled Baby Artichokes

Pan-seared Fiesole artichokes and lightly-seasoned tomato paste: are all you need to create this simple and scrumptious side!

Tomato Garlic Artichokes

Elegantly garnished and delicately seasoned, this Fiesole artichoke antipasto: is a healthy and hearty option for any meal!

Artichoke Antipasto

Try your hand at crafting this tropical archway made of soft ponytail palm wood and white Japanese stewartia flowers!

Japanese Stewartia Arch
Heirloom Japanese Stewartia Arch

 This ponytail palm table: brings a tropical touch to any outdoor arrangement!

Ponytail Palm Table
Heirloom Ponytail Palm Table

A beautiful wreath of white Japanese stewartia flowers: fit to adorn any doorway!

Japanese Stewartia Wreath
Heirloom Japanese Stewartia Wreath
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