Fall Festival Fever, Quest Preview!

Now that I'm mayor, I'm looking to say thank you to all the citizens of FarmVille. I'm going to kick off a big fall festival, and I could use your help getting it organized. I have a dozen or more lists of supplies we'll need for the festival. Food, pots, animals. There's a little bit of everything.

Lists of Lists

I have a dozen or more lists of supplies we'll need for the festival. Food, pots, animals. There's a little bit of everything.
Quest Tasks:
Place 1 Pig Nursery for the petting zoo 
Water 10 Acorn Squash
Feed 2 Adult Pig for mud to fill the festival wallow

Gathering Garland

I've been working with Barbara on decoration ideas. She is recommending strands of fall garland and dried gourds... for starters.

Quest Tasks:
Get 5 Fall Festival Garland to hang
Harvest 10 Acorn Squash for decorations
Make 1 Baked Acorn Squash with the extra squash

Mooo'ers & Shakers

The council wants to make sure everyone is preparing for the contest! You should get started!
Quest Tasks:
Feed 4 Adult Cow
Harvest 15 Rice
Make 1 Rice Pudding

Cornucopia Means Everything

I've still got a lot of odds and ends I need to find: decorations for Barbara's, prized pigs for the parade, and bags for treats.

Quest Tasks:
Get 5 Cornucopia
Tend your Mud Wallow 2 times.
Make 2 Burlap Sack

Just Desserts

I think you're right. In addition to the normal pies and cakes, it would be great to have some creamy yogurts and fresh fruits. Somet
Quest Tasks:
Tend your Yogurt Creamery 2 times. 
Harvest 4 Fig Tree 
Make 2 Piggy Cookie Jar for tips

Crafty Locals

We should show off some locally made goods at the festival. How about showing off your spinning wheel?
Quest Tasks:
Tend your Spinning Wheel 2 times for practice.

Harvest 4 PecTree
Make 2 PecMuffin for snacks

Autumn Arrangements

Barbara said she calls her decorative style "an autumn arrangment." Does that sound too much like a D.H. Lawrence novel?
Quest Tasks:
Get 5 Autumn Leaf for decorative theming

Gather 20 Wool

Make 3 White Lily Wreath for each of the festival booths

Perfect Petting

I've noticed that your nursery raised animals are so gentle. Do you think we could borrow some for the petting zoo?

Quest Tasks:
Feed 8 Nursery Raised Animal
Harvest 25 Acorn Squash
Make 3 Acorn Squash Soup
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