Rodeo Round-up, Quest Preview!

Whooeey! Greetin's Farmer! What's with the accent, Marie? I'm just trying it on for size! I'm going to be hosting a rodeo! Yep! If you can help me get the rodeo ready, I'll make sure there's baby bottles in it for yah!

Rootin' Tootin' Rodeo!

I am hosting the rodeo, and could use your help!
Quest Tasks:
Fertilize 30 Radish to make animal feed for your horses and cows.
Feed 4 Adult Horse to get them ready for the rodeo!
Water 20 crops you want to cook with.

Sensational Supplies

Help gather some supplies for the upcoming rodeo!
Quest Tasks:
Collect 5 Rodeo Barrel to set up for barrel races.
Make 8 Cheese Quiche to feed hungry cowboys!
Make 4 Swiss Cheese Cheese Soup too!

Horsin' Around

Round up those animals!

Quest Tasks:
Tend 2 Horse Stable to gather up your horses!
Make 4 Leather to use on any busted saddles!
Make 5 Rice Pudding to feed yourself after chasing those horses!

Squeaky Clean Stallions!
I need help to get my animals ready for the rodeo!
Quest Tasks:
Collect 5 Horse Bubble Soap to wash the livestock!
Raise 1 Baby Cow to an adult! That way it can compete!
Make 5 Good Fortune Charm for the best luck at the rodeo!

Arts and Crafts!

Enter some of your best crafts!
Quest Tasks:
Tend 2 Spinning Wheel for some extra thread!
Make 4 Leather for your entry!
Make 1 Embossed Leather Mirror to enter into the Arts and Crafts!

Leather Lacing for Sweet Saddles!

You should compete with me in the show part of the rodeo!
Quest Tasks:
Receive 10 Fine Saddle to decorate!
Make 4 Leather Pouch to add to those saddles!
Make 5 Burlap Sack to cover your saddles. This keeps them from getting scuffed up!

Fabulous Fillies!

Help me hand out the remaining rodeo prizes!
Quest Tasks:
Collect 5 Rodeo Ribbon to hand out!
Superfeed 4 Adult Horse to reward it for winning best horse!
Make 2 BananCream Pie to reward yourself on a job well done!

Perfect Prizes!

Reap your rewards with me!

Quest Tasks:
Fertilize 30 Jicama for Marie!

Make 2 Leather Journal to write about your winnings!

Make 2 Leather Coin Purse to carry your winnings in!
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