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The Candlenut Tree: is native to Malaysia and Polynesia and is a member of the Poinsettia family.

Candlenut Tree
Heirloom Candlenut Tree
Elder Candlenut Tree

Candlenut Tree Fruit

The Weeping Bottlebrush tree: has a very distinctive flower which is most often red, but can also be white, creamy, orange, yellow or green

Weeping Bottlebrush Tree
Heirloom Weeping Bottlebrush Tree
Elder Weeping Bottlebrush Tree
Weeping Bottlebrush Tree Fruit

The Red Bartlett Pear Tree's fruit: is one of the few pears that change color as they ripen.

Red Bartlett Pear
Heirloom Red Bartlett Pear
Elder Red Bartlett Pear
Red Bartlett Pear Fruit

The Black Gum Tree: will have multiple colors of foliage in one tree during the fall.

Black Gum Tree
Heirloom Black Gum Tree
Elder Black Gum Tree
Black Gum Tree Fruit

The Sea Berry Tree's fruit: was used in ancient Greece for horses to produce a shiny coat.

Sea Berry Tree
Heirloom Sea Berry Tree
Elder Sea Berry Tree
Sea Berry Tree Fruit


Bell peppers: contain an impressive list of plant nutrients that are found to have disease preventing and health promoting properties.

Grilled Bell Peppers

A Bell Pepper Slaw: is a tasty treat for a summer's afternoon.

Bell Pepper Slaw

 Bell Pepper Ravioli: is a great source of Vitamin C!

Bell Pepper Ravioli

Japanese Fried Noodles: is a versatile dish and can be served with many different condiments.

Japanese Fried Noodles
Heirloom Japanese Fried Noodles

Laksa Paste: often has coconut milk as part of its base.

Laksa Paste
Heirloom Laksa Paste

The candle nut: has such a high oil content, up to 70%, that they are strung on ribs from palms and used as candles in Malaysia and Indonesia.

Candlenut Soup
Heirloom Candlenut Soup

You can use Weeping Bottlebrush leaves and blossoms to make tea.

Weeping Bottlebrush Tea
Heirloom Weeping Bottlebrush Tea

The Candle Nut: can be poisonous when raw, with a nasty purging effect that comes from the toxic oil they contain! Roasting destroys the poison and produces a delicious, edible nut.

Honey Spiced Candle Nuts
Heirloom Honey Spiced Candle Nuts

Bottlebrush: leaves can be crushed up and used in order to make a delicious marinade.

Bottlebrush Marinade
Heirloom Bottlebrush Marinade

 Overripe pears: can be saved and used for this wonderful recipe.

Red Pear Sorbet
Heirloom Red Pear Sorbet

One of the earliest written histories or records comes from Homer's reference to pears as "Gifts from the Gods."

Caramelized Red Pears

Heirloom Caramelized Red Pears

When ripe and ready to eat, the pear has a honeyed flavor and sweet smell.

Red Poached Pears
Heirloom Red Poached Pears

River Spinach Dip: is just the right hors d'oeuvres for a great party!

River Spinach Dip

 A tasty dish to have during any season!

Spinach and Mushrooms

The sweet tangy taste of Sweet and Sour Bell Peppers: will bring lots of visitors to your dinner table!

Sweet and Sour Bell Peppers
Heirloom Sweet and Sour Bell Peppers

 Did you know that honey bees must gather nectar from two million flowers to make one pound of honey?

Black Gum Honey
Heirloom Black Gum Honey

Good quality favorful Black Gum creates a fantastic Jam!

Black Gum Jam
Heirloom Black Gum Jam

Jellies and Jams: follow a lot of the same process in their sealing!

Black Gum Jelly
Heirloom Black Gum Jelly

Combine delicious, citrus-like taste with lots of vitamins C, A & E, and you have Sea Berry Juice!

Sea Berry Juice
Heirloom Sea Berry Juice

Sea Berry Juice frozen: is the best summertime treat!

Sea Berry Pop
Heirloom Sea Berry Pop

Chocolate Dipped Pears: are a great dessert after a nice summer meal!

Chocolate Dipped Pears
Heirloom Chocolate Dipped Pears

A beautiful Bearded Iris Wreath: is just the right accent for your farm!

Bearded Iris Wreath
Heirloom Bearded Iris Wreath

An amazing gathering of flowers to show off to all of your farm friends!

Bearded Iris Bouquet
Heirloom Bearded Iris Bouquet

A wonderful potted plant to grow at your farm!

Bearded Iris Flower Pot
Heirloom Bearded Iris Flower Pot

A sweet smelling candle: to relax by at the end of the day.

Candlenut Candle
Heirloom Candlenut Candle

A wonderful decoration to have at any farm celebration!

Weeping Bottlebrush Arch
Heirloom Weeping Bottlebrush Arch

A great decoration for any vacation!

Candlenut Lei
Heirloom Candlenut Lei


Yellow Bell Pepper

Yellow Bell Pepper Prizedobber

Bearded Irises: fall into three blooming categories: early, midseason, or late.

Bearded Iris
Bearded Iris Prizedobber

River spinach: is a soft-stemmed aquatic or semi-aquatic perennial plant found in tropical and sub-tropical regions.

River Spinach
River Spinach Prizedobber

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