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Meet Cornelius, the Village Grocer! Help him fill his daily orders to earn points that can be redeemed for fantastic rewards! Upon entering FarmVille 2, you will see the following pop up. Click on “Ok” to see what Cornelius is up to. 

Oh no! It looks like Cornelius’s truck has broken down just outside your farm. Before you can help him with his order for the day, you’re going to need to help him repair his truck. Let’s get started!

Repairing The Village Grocers Truck

Clicking on the “You bet!” button will open a menu that displays the tasks he needs you to complete. This menu also indicates how much time you have left to finish these tasks. 

Note: If you close this menu and need to access it later to see your progress, just click on Cornelius. 

The Village Grocer Quest requires you to collect Traffic Cones, Fix Cornelius’s Truck and Craft Lemonades. Click on the “Ask Friends” button to send requests for the Traffic Cones to your Neighbors. If you do not wish to wait for your friends, you can skip this task for Farm Bucks. While you wait for your Traffic Cones, start crafting some Lemonade for Cornelius. From the task menu, click on the “Make it” button and you will be sent to your Crafting Kitchen. 

Lemonade requires Lemon Water and Lemons. Lemons can be obtained from Lemon Trees, which you can purchase from the General Store for 260 Coins. When you have collected all of your ingredients, click on the “Make 1” button. If you would rather bypass the crafting process, you can skip this task for Farm Bucks. 

After collecting Traffic Cones and Crafting Lemonade, you need to get Cornelius’s Truck back up and running. Click on the broken down Truck to begin repairs. 

Your first step is collecting Repair Materials. You will need the following items to start repairing the truck:

  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Tool Boxes
  • Wood Planks

Click on the “Ask” button to send requests for the items to your Neighbors. You can also purchase Planks, Extinguishers and Tool Boxes for Farm Bucks if you do not wish to wait for your friends to respond to your requests. 

Note: You can send a request for materials to your Friends every 18 hours.

Once you have collected the required items, click on the “Start Repairing” button at the bottom of the construction Menu. 

Now that the truck is almost fixed, you will need some help from your Neighbors to finish the job. The Furnace requires 4 additional mechanics, so click on the “Ask Friends” button to send some crew requests to your Friends. When they accept, you will see the spots in the repair Menu begin to fill. If you do not wish to wait for your friends, click the “Hire One” button to purchase crew members with Farm Bucks. Once you have successfully filled all 4 spots, click on the “Finish & Share” button.

Once you complete all three of the Village Grocers Tasks, Cornelius will be back on his feet and ready to do business with you!

Village Grocer Partnership

Cornelius is going to be a long-term partner of yours and you should expect to see him back daily with new orders. Orders are the various types of produce and/or Crafted Goods that Cornelious needs from you. You can access the Village Grocer menu by clicking on the wood sign located to the left of the Market Stand. Inside the menu, you can view your current orders (A), what you need to fulfill the order (B) and how many points you’ll earn for each one (C). 

Completing Orders

To complete an order, you need to collect and sell the required amount of produce and/or Crafted Goods in your Market Stand. How many items you need is indicated in the Village Grocer Menu. When Cornelius has open orders for you, the wooden sign next to your Market Stand will have an orange Grocer Stand present.

Click the Market Stand icon in the top right of the Village Grocer Menu to navigate to the Market Stand. Here you can view how many ingredients you’ve already produced and mouse-over each one to view how many more is needed to sell and complete your Order.

If you hover your cursor over the wood sign, you’ll see the Produce Order countdown timer. This timer indicates how long you have left to complete that day’s order. If you aren’t able to fill an order on a particular day, don’t worry! Since Cornelius will be back every 24 hours, you can complete daily orders on your own schedule. 

When you complete an order, you will see a pop-up that shows how many Grocer Points you have earned and gives you an opportunity to share rewards with your friends!

Earning Grocer Points

Grocer Points are your key to earning rewards. The more points you collect, the more prizes you will win. As mentioned earlier in the guide, the Village Grocer Menu indicates how many points you can earn by fulfilling an order. If you complete all three orders in a day, you will earn bonus Grocer Points. 

Once you have collected enough points to earn a reward, you will see a pop-up that shows your new item. 

Grocer Rewards

The blue bar on the right side of the Grocer Menu indicates how many Grocer Points you need to earn to get your next reward. Click the yellow “View Rewards” button below the meter to view the Rewards Menu. 

The Rewards Menu shows the prizes you have already earned and what reward you are currently working towards. If you collect all 8 rewards, you will be given a special bonus prize!

Additional Information:

  • If you are unable to complete the Grocer Tasks (fixing the truck) within the time limit, you will have access to the rest of the feature once the quest expires.
  • If you click on the wooden sign when no order is available from Cornelius, the Reward Menu will appear instead of the Grocer Menu.
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