Profit Maximization Guide: Level

Here are the items that will be the most valuable to have in the ground right before leveling up. If possible try to get the last few points from leveling by visiting friends' farms; that will leave all of your plots free for crops. Remember to plant your crops *before* visiting friends, though; planting crops gives you XP, and you don't want to find yourself halfway through planting a batch of vanilla when you suddenly level up. If you don't think you can get enough XP just by visiting friends, leave one plot free and use that to grow & harvest your last 5-10 XP worth of tomatoes to get there quickly.
The list below shows which crops and trees will be most valuable to have planted when you level up
  • crops, limited: vanilla @ $59/plot
  • crops, standard: onion @ $8/plot (for money), or strawberries @ 10 feed/plot (for feed)
  • trees: persimmon trees @ $330/tree, more if used in recipes (see note below)
Persimmon Trees: these will yield the most profit when leveling up but require the most advance planning. If you use them to make witchin' batter for $1,957 profit you will need to make sure you also plant four plots of wheat (plus have six eggs handy). If you want to make scary cake you will additionally need to have 16 bottles of milk and 4 sugars but will gain $3463 in profit. Given the additional $1500 in profit from making scary cake instead of witchin' batter, though, it is worth the extra trouble provided that you are able to get 4 people to give you sugar and you already have the 16 bottles of milk ready to go (or you are willing to grind them out after leveling); even if you had 16 goats available to make the milk when you level up, you would need to plant a bunch of strawberries for 6 feed each, and those plots are more profitably sown with vanilla at level up time. If you don't have friends who are able to gift items to you, then witchin' batter will give you the most when leveling up.

To summarize, then: when leveling up, first make sure all your trees are watered. Then, if you have persimmon trees plant 4 plots with wheat and the rest with vanilla. Have your friends give you 4 sugar and also have 16 bottles of milk ready to go. Use all of that to make scary cake. If you can't do those last two things, then just make witchin' batter instead, which can be made just from your persimmon trees, wheat, and six eggs.

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