Earn More Coins to Unlock Expansion!

Everybody want to expand his/her farm but their are some restrictions. First you have to reached the required level to unlock and Expansion and second you need Hundred Thousands of Coins to do it. Selling your Crops are not the way to earn coins. So after thinking and working hard we found a trick, we cannot say it trick but its common sense. Many of you already know this and following this method but we are telling to the new players and specially our fans.

To Unlock an Expansion you need following requirements:
  1. Experience > To reach the Required Level
  2. Coins
  3. Farmbucks > We do not recommend you 3rd step
You must get Coins and Experience to Unlock the Expansion and reached to the required Level. I will not touch the other resources that generate too much experience for you like Prized Animals and Trees. I will go with your Kitchen to tell you how to earn more coins and experience.

Follow Below steps to earn coins and XP

If you have 30 Power in your inventory and 30 power in use and 10 Power in Furnace than total of this = 40

It means you can cook 40 dishes in your Kitchen.

Lets Cook Potato and make Potato Salad if you have many potato and got all mystery and never sold than you can get a lot of Coins

You can Sell 1 Potato Salad of 2040 Coins
If you have average 60 Plots and you harvested 60 fertilized Potato than you will get 120 Potato in your Inventory.

If you can cook average 15 Potato Salad it will give you 30,600 Coins daily. If you have too many potato and eggs you can make potato salad and get Hundred thousands of coins to unlock your next expansion. Potato Salad also gives you more Experience.

Tip: Never Sell your Crops try to cook and make recipes than sell to get more coins and Experience.

If you like this post than appreciate me, my English is not good but I tried to wrote an easy tip for my fans.

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