Feed Mill

If you want your animals to produce Crafting Ingredients, they need to be fed! Hungry animals won't produce until you give them Feed. Your Feed Mill will turn crops into food for your livestock!

Your Feed Mill is the piece of machinery in the image below:

To use your Feed Mill, click on it. A menu will pop up, showing you the harvested crops you currently have available to use. 
Individual crops yield different amounts of Feed when placed in the Mill. This amount is displayed in small text under the crop’s image. 

Clicking on a crop will add it to your Feed Mill. The total amount of feed you are going to receive shows up at the bottom of the Feed Mill menu. Every time you click on a crop, it will add to this number. 

Clicking on “make” will turn the crops you selected into Feed for your animals. If you accidentally add a crop to the Feed Mill on mistake, click on the small “X” button at the top of the Feed Mill menu. This will let you start the process over, without using the crop you accidentally selected. 
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