Level Up Faster and Earn More Coins with Quests!

Life on the Farm can get a little quiet. It’s nice to give yourself something fun to do by trying your hand at Quests! Quests are completely optional tasks that are given to you by the characters you meet in FarmVille 2. 

If you complete a quest, you will be rewarded handsomely with Coins, Experience Points (XP), and other great prizes!

How Do I Start a Quest?

Upon entering the game, you may receive a message from one of the characters in FarmVille 2. This pop-up will be an invitation to start a Quest. 

To get started, simply click on the green button at the bottom of this dialogue. Once you do, you’ll see a pop-up that details the Quest’s requirements. If you would like to complete this quest, you can get started right away. If you aren’t interested in participating, click the red “X” button in the top right corner of the pop-up to close the Quest Menu. 

What If I Close a Quest But Want to Access it Later?

To access a Quest after you’ve closed it, just click on the Quest Icon located on the left-hand side of the screen! During the tutorial, you may remember that Marie referred to this icon as a “Note”.

Your Quest progress will be automatically saved as you complete tasks, even if you leave the game. This allows you to complete tasks in your own time, should you wish to participate. 

What Kinds of Tasks Do I Complete in a Quest?

Most Quest requirements consist of activities you would do normally do on your Farm. Planting crops, crafting goods and selling items in your Market Stall are all tasks you will frequently see as Quest requirements. Some tasks will require gathering special items that can only be obtained from your friends or the General Store, so be sure to add some Neighbors!

The Quest Menu will explain in detail what tasks you have to complete in order to progress. 

A – The description of the Quest requirement. This is the task you must complete in order to progress.

B – Your current progress. 

C – The “Action” button. Clicking on this button will automatically take you where you need to go to complete a Quest requirement.

D – How many Farm Bucks are required to skip a particular task.

E – If you need help figuring out how to complete a quest, simply hover your cursor over this button for a hint. 

If you wish to check your progress on a Quest, click on the icon on the left-hand side of your screen. You can see whether or not you’ve completed a task by looking for a large green check mark on the right-hand side of your Quest Menu:

Once you’ve completed a Quest, the character who assigned it to you will show up to let you know what rewards you have earned. 

What Kinds of Rewards Do I Get for Quests?

Quests are not only a fun way to interact with your Farm—they’re also quite lucrative! Generally, most Quest rewards will consist of at least two things:

o A nice pile of Coins to add to your wallet
o Some XP points to help you level up faster

However, some Quests offer additional rewards for all of your hard work, such as Water, Fertilizer or even a new item for your farm!

Once you complete a quest, you have a chance to share some rewards with your friends. At the bottom of the completion pop-up, there is a “Share Rewards” check box that is automatically enabled for you. Clicking the “Okay” button will post a feed to your wall that your friends can click on to claim prizes. If you don’t wish to post, un-check this box before clicking “Okay”. 

What if I Don’t Want to Do Quests?

Quests are completely optional. You won’t miss out on anything if you choose not to participate, nor will you be penalized if you feel that this feature isn’t for you. Remember though, Quests help you progress through the game and earn great rewards, so be sure to at least give them a try!

Quests Make Farming Fun!

Quests are like turning the soil in your field—they keep things fresh and interesting! You can get rewarded for doing things you would do on your Farm no matter what: tending to crops, selling items in the Market, and raising your animals. Why not pick up some extra coins and XP in the process?
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