Farm Hands

Farming is More Fun With Friends. Hire Some Farmhands!

Farming takes a lot of work, and it’s a tough job to tackle on your own. Luckily, you don’t have to! Hire your friends as Farmhands to harvest your crops faster and get more power for your Crafting Kitchen!

What Does a Farmhand Do?

A Farmhand is a Farmer you can hire to help you get things done on your Farm. You can assign your Farmhands to take care of one of the following tasks:

• Harvest 4 mature crops for you (Farmhands can’t harvest your Trees or tend to your Animals)
• Instantly grow 4 crops that have been watered but aren’t ready to harvest yet
• Instantly bring 4 withered crops back to life
• Add 5 units of power to your Crafting Kitchen

*NOTE: A Farmhand can only do any one of these tasks when you hire them for help. So, for example, your Farmhand can’t Instant Grow 2 crops and harvest 2 crops. They can only do one task at a time. 

Where Do I Get a Farmhand?

To hire a Farmhand, find the hay bales located near the road in front of your Farm.

If you click on the blue markers hovering over each hay bale, you will get a popup window giving you the option to hire your Friends as Farmhands. You will see two lists of names: “All Friends” and “Likes Games.” You can browse either, or both, of these lists and check the boxes next to the names of your Facebook friends who you would like to hire as a Farmhand. 

After you’ve selected all the names you want, click the “Send” button to send a request directly to each friend. You can send requests to a friend once every 18 hours. If you’ve already sent a request to a friend within the last 18 hours, his or her name will disappear from your list of available friends to send requests to.

If you’re in a hurry to harvest all of those crops and don’t want to wait for your friends to accept your request, you can hire Farmhands for 5 Farm Bucks (one-time use). Hover your cursor over an empty hay bale, and click on the “buy” button. Your Farm Cash will be automatically deducted after a confirmation screen.

When a friend accepts your Farmhand request, a truck will pull up on the road in front of your Farm, and your friend’s FarmVille 2 avatar will step out of the truck and sit on a hay bale, awaiting your instructions. Be prompt, though—Farmhands will only wait for a limited amount of time! Hover your mouse over a Farmhand sitting on a hay bale to see how much longer they will wait there.*

*NOTE: If you use Farm Bucks to hire a Farmhand, there is no time limit on how long he will stay.

How Do I Assign Tasks to my Farmhands?
To assign your Farmhand some work to do, click on them while they are sitting on one of the hay bales. They will attach to your mouse, and you can place them over different areas of your Farm. Once they’re over something they can work on (such as a row of crops), the outline of the item will appear green, instead of red. Click again to drop them where you want them to go, and watch them get to work! All of the crops harvested by a Farmhand will go to your Inventory, and you will also get a bag of Fertilizer!

When your Farmhand is finished working, you may notice they linger on your farm for a little bit. If you place your cursor over them, you will see that ask if you want more help. If you do, click on them and you will open a menu that allows you to invite more friends to be your Farmhands if you haven’t asked already. 

After a little while, your helper will run off happily down the road and back home—no need to send them a gift or anything. 

Will my friend have to do anything iIf they accept a Farmhand Request?

Friends who accept your Farmhand request simply have to click “Accept” when you send them the request (farmhand requests can be found in your Farm 2 inbox). Their character will automatically show up on your Farm once they do this, and you can assign them the tasks you need them to complete. They do not have to visit your Farm or personally do any of the tasks you assign them—their avatar in FarmVille 2 will do the work automatically, without them having to do anything more than just accepting your request. 

If my friend and I are playing FarmVille 2 at the same time, and they accept my Farmhand request, will their Farming be interrupted?

No. Your friends will never be impacted by accepting Farmhand requests, even if they are on your farm. They have the enviable ability to be two places at once—how convenient!

I Want To Hire More Than 2 Farmhands at a Time!
As your Farm grows, so does your ability to hire Farmhands. As you level up, more hay bales will unlock for you to hire Farmhands. However, the number of tasks they can complete during a single visit does not change—you can just hire more of them!

Many Hands Make Light Work!
Hiring Farmhands is a great way to get your friends involved in your Farm and get things done fast. Try asking for help and watch those crops pile up in your Inventory!

Happy Farming!
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