Expanding Your Farm

When you first arrive at the farm, you’ll notice that things are a bit overgrown. Weeds cover the fields that have sat fallow for a long time. Give yourself a bit of extra room to grow by unlocking new land to add to your farm! As you level up in the game, additional land becomes available for you to unlock. Once you unlock new land, it becomes a part of your farm, and you can grow crops, raise animals, or place buildings and decorations on it!

Starting Out With Expansions

When you first start the game, the land you can farm on is a little small. Marie will walk you through expanding to your first plot, revealing a feed mill and a lemon tree:

Which Plots Can I Unlock?

You will eventually be able to expand your farm to all the grassy areas you see on your screen. As you reach higher levels in the game, these plots will become available for you to unlock. You can hover your mouse over a plot to see which level you need to be on to unlock that plot, as well as which goodies you will unlock when you expand to that plot:

Expanding Your Farm

You can tell if a plot is available to expand on because you will see a sign pop up in the plot that looks like this:

When you click on a plot to expand it, you will see a popup. In this popup, you will see a list of requirements you need to meet before you’re able to unlock a plot, like this:

When you are ready to unlock a plot of land, you need to have all of these requirements in your Inventory. For example, in the case above, if you have four eggs in your inventory but sell one to get more coins so you can have the 1000 coins you need to unlock the land, you will no longer have enough eggs.

Once you have met all the requirements, the “Expand” button will turn blue and you can click on it to call in Marie’s “landscaping service” to clear the land for you:

Clearing land does more than just gives you more space to farm in—it also unlocks cool new items and game mechanics! You already saw this in action the first time you expanded; when you unlocked the land that had the Feed Mill on it, you were able to use the Mill to feed your goats. Every time you expand, you will uncover some new items. Best of all, once you unlock an item via expansion, you also unlock that item in the General Store, so you can purchase more if you want to! 

Clearable Objects

When you expand, there may be items on your new land that you do not want. Rocks and Debris need to be cleared away before you can use the space they are currently occupying. 

How Do I Clear Something From a New Plot?

Clearing large objects isn’t easy—you’re going to need some help! To get started, click on the object you want to clear away. Once you do that, you will see a popup telling you what you need to do in order to clear the object:

This popup lets you know a few things:

o What you need to do to clear the object
o How many tools or people you need to help you 
o What you will get once you clear the object away

In a hurry to clear an object and don’t want to wait for help from neighbors? You can purchase the materials you need and hire help using Farm Bucks.

Clearing requires you to complete two steps: one to gather materials you’ll need to tackle the job, and another to hire the crew needed to complete the task. 

Gathering Materials

o Gather the tools you need to clear debris away by asking your friends to send some your way. 

o You can do this by clicking the “Ask” button in the popup window. A message will be sent from you to your friends (you can choose which friends get this message!), asking your friends to send you the tools that you need. 

o Don’t have time to wait? You can buy the tools you need with Farm Bucks. 

Hiring a Crew

Once you have your Materials, you’ll get a second popup:

o To complete this step, click the “Ask Friends” button to send a request to your friends for help. 

o If they accept your request, they will fill one of the open positions, and you will see their Facebook profile picture next to one of the positions you needed to fill. 

o Don’t have time to wait on a crew of volunteers? You can also hire a crew by paying Farm Bucks for each position you need filled.

Once you have the required number of crew members, the “Finish Clearing” button in the popup will turn blue, meaning that you’re ready to go! Click on it to finish clearing the object away.

Rewards for Clearing an Object

Remember when you first opened up the popup to clear the object away and you saw a part of the popup that looked like this?

These are the rewards you get when you clear away an object. They vary depending on what the object you’re clearing away is made of (for example, clearing a rock gets you bricks, while clearing a piece of wood debris gets you wood planks.) After your crew is finished clearing an object, you will see a nice pile of rewards where the object used to be. Hover your mouse over them to scoop them up and into your Inventory, or just wait and they will be collected for you automatically. 

Expansion Requirements:
For each Expansion, there are a few requirements you need to meet in order to be able to uncover the land! Most Expansions require you to reach a certain level in the game and have a certain amount of coins and items in your Inventory in order to gain access. 

Below is a map of the plots you can uncover on your farm. Your farm in the game won’t have numbers on it, but the map shows roughly where each plot is. Each plot is labeled with a number, which you can match to the requirements to unlock it in the list below the map.

Expansion Requirements (Detailed):
1 – Original land you start out with in the game – comes free when you start playing FarmVille 2!

2- Feed Mill

o 175 Coins to Clear Land

Unlocks: Feed Mill

3 – Family Well

o Have 4 Eggs from feeding your chickens
o Pay 1000 Coins to clear land

Unlocks: Water Well

4 – The Farmstead Kitchen

o Reach Level 5
o Have 5 Trees (skip for 5 Farm Bucks)
o Gather 6 Milk Bottles (skip for 6 Farm Bucks)
o 2000 Coins to Clear Land (skip for 10 Farm Bucks)

Unlocks: Ability to craft recipes in the Kitchen

5 – West Meadow

o Reach Level 8
o Craft 2 Apple Scones for Marie (skip for 11 Farm Bucks)
o Gather 5 Garden Clippers from friends (buy for 10 Farm Bucks)
o 20,000 Coins to clear land (skip for 30 Farm Bucks)

: Cottontail Rabbits

6 – Milk Meadow

o Reach Level 11
o Expand to adjacent land
o Have 11 Adult Animals (skip this for 17 Farm Bucks)
o Gather 7 Iron Hoes (buy for 14 Farm Bucks)
o 50,000 Coins to Clear Land (skip for 50 Farm Bucks)

Unlocks: Longhorn Cows, extra Water Trough

7 – Playground Patch

o Expand to adjacent land
o 100 Farm Bucks for Early Access*

Unlocks: Tire Swings

*NOTE: Right now, some plots are only available by purchasing Early Access with Farm Bucks. Sit tight, though—these plots will be available to earn for free soon!

8 – East Woodlands

o Expand to adjacent land
o 100 Farm Bucks for Early Access*

: Pine trees for logs

9 – The Horse Wilds

o Expand to adjacent land
o 100 Farm Bucks for Early Access*

Unlocks: Appaloosa Horses and Flags

10 – The Waterpatch

o Expand to adjacent land
o 100 Farm Bucks for Early Access*

Unlocks: Extra well for additional water

11 – The Old Silo

o Reach Level 15
o Expand to adjacent land
o Craft 3 Apple Pies for Marie (skip for 18 Farm Bucks)
o Gather 10 Pitch Forks (buy for 20 Farm Bucks)
o 125,000 Coins to Clear Land (skip for 99 Farm Bucks)

Unlocks: Ability to store more feed using the Silo

12 – Mango Gardens

o Reach Level 20
o Have 1 Adult Black Arabian Horse (skip for 18 Farm Bucks)
o Gather 13 Chainsaws (buy for 26 Farm Bucks)
o 300,000 Coins to Clear Land (skip for 199 Farm Bucks)

Unlocks: Peach Trees, Ivy Trellis Arches

13 – Golden Chicken Colony

o Reach Level 24
o Expand to adjacent land
o Craft 5 Banana Cream Cakes (skip for 21 Farm Bucks)
o Gather 15 Produce Crates (buy for 30 Farm Bucks)
o 500,000 Coins to Clear Land (skip for 299 Farm Bucks)

Unlocks: Cochin Chickens, Concrete Birdbaths

14 – Apricot Acres

o Reach Level 28
o Have 8 Saddles (skip for 21 Farm Bucks)
o Gather 18 Garden Gloves (Buy for 36 Farm Bucks)
o 750,000 Coins to Clear Land (skip for 399 Farm Bucks)

Unlocks: Apricot Trees, Dinner Bell

15 – Camarillo Country 

o Reach Level 30
o Craft 8 Apricot Trifles (skip for 24 Farm Bucks)
o Gather 20 Garden Clippers (buy for 40 Farm Bucks)
o 1,000,000 to Clear Land (skip for 449 Farm Bucks)

Unlocks: Camarillo Horses, Hitching Posts 

Expand Away!

Now that you know how to expand, the rest is up to you! Use the extra space to grow more crops and trees to earn coins, build a corral for your horses, or just let the rabbits roam wild in the additional space!

Happy Farming!
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