Community Neighbors

With Community Neighbors, You Don’t Have to Farm Alone!
Farming is more fun with friends! Level up faster and get a helping hand on your Farm by adding some Community Neighbors. The Community Neighbors feature allows you to add Neighbors to your Farm who are not your Facebook friends. That way, even if your Facebook friends don’t play FarmVille 2, you can still get in on the fun!

Why Should I Have Neighbors, Anyway?

Many tasks on your Farm will require help from your friends to complete, so having some reliable Farmers as Neighbors will be essential! Plus, more Neighbors means more gifts in your inbox each day, which helps you advance your Farm even faster. There are several different types of interactions you can have with other Farmers in FarmVille 2:

  • When you are in need of help to complete tasks, you can post requests to your Facebook news feed. Your Neighbors can click on these requests to provide the assistance you need.
  • You can click on your friends Facebook posts to get rewards such as coins, Experience Points (XP), Fertilizer, and Milk Bottles.
  • Send and receive requests for Free Gifts that you can use on your Farm.
  • Send and receive Crew Member requests.
  • Send and receive Builder requests.
  • Visit FarmVille neighbors’ Farms to offer help in exchange for Coins and Resources

You can see who your FarmVille 2 Neighbors are by looking at the bar located at the bottom of your screen in the game: 

What’s the Difference Between a FarmVille Friend and a FarmVille Neighbor?

Friends and neighbors are both really important to helping you Farm, but you can interact with each one a little bit differently. Below is a breakdown of the different kind of fellow Farmers out there, and how they affect how you play the game:


  • These are the people that you already have as Friends on Facebook. This means that you can post stories to your News Feed from FarmVille 2, and these folks will see it. This group includes your Facebook friends who don’t necessarily play FarmVille 2.
  • Your Friends are able to click on and interact with FarmVille 2 posts you put on your Facebook News Feed. This includes clicking on your posts to claim items you’ve shared, like coins, fertilizer, and milk bottles.
  • Your Friends are able to receive direct requests from you for items or help that you need on your Farm.


  • These are Facebook friends who you have specifically added as a Neighbor on your Farm. You do this by sending them a Neighbor Request, which they will have to accept before they will appear as your Neighbor.
  • You are able to help out on your Neighbor’s Farms in exchange for coins and Resources! They will also be able to return the favor when they wish to do so.
  • Neighbors are able to respond directly to requests you’ve sent to them. These could be requests for items or for help on your Farm. These requests will go directly to their FarmVille 2 inbox (located on the upper right-hand corner of your screen, just above your Farm).
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  1. Hi, I've enabled this via settings - but how do I actually add them now??

    1. What you don't understand???

    2. Me too.
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    3. hey neighbors can some body help me I keep geting a message saind.(woooo si we have a problem saving your farm please refresh and keep farming) and it has to options acept or report and I triet both and it just keep doing the same and won let me play please thanks help

  2. I don't have community button starting from today on Farmville(Zynga). So i can't see community activity and can't complete my missions. My mother have same problem. It may be about our internet IP or something? PLEASE fix it for me. Thanks

  3. hey does anyone know how to ask community neighbors for help/