FV CE: The Ice Fishing Contest!


Marie's friend, Ila, is coming to the farm for an ice fishing contest, and you're invited!

If you are at least level 12, you will be invited to join the Ice Fishing Contest. You will need to force close the game, or even reboot your device to see the feature.

Start the Ice Fishing Contest feature by tapping the Inuit Camp. The Inuit Camp has an igloo in the center, with an Inuit boat under construction on side, while an Inuit rack on the other. The Inuit Camp is located beside Eagle Eye Eddie's hangar.


The Ice Fishing Contest will run from November 21st until December 2nd, giving you 12 days to complete 2 stages and win the rewards!

Leaderboard Reward: Inuit Dog

Win Gold in either stage to earn this reward! This premium Farm Hand can then be blinged out (Ice Cool Dog) by winning Gold in both stagesStage Rewards

Stage 1 Gold• Inuit Dog

• 2 Gold Stamps
• 2 Padlocks
• 10 Keys
• Make it Rain Pin

•1 Silver Stamp
• 1 Padlock
• 5 Golden Gloves

Stage 2 Gold
• Ice Cool Dog

• 2 Gold Stamps
• 2 Padlocks
• 10 Keys
• Gone Fishing Pin

• 1 Silver Stamp
• 1 Padlock
• 5 Golden Gloves

No Trophy
• 1,000 Coins

Note: You can only get one of the rewards, not all three! Your rank on the last day of the event determines the reward you receive. 


Temporary Farmhands - Ice Fisher Ila and Sculptor Sandra Ice Fisher Ila and Sculptor Sandra are Farm Hands available for purchase to assist you during the Ice Fishing Contest. Have them join you and you’ll easily find more of the rare event items! Be reminded though that Ice Fisher Ila and Sculptor Sandra are temporary Farm Hands. They will have to bid you farewell once the event ends.


Boosts: Silver, Gold and Diamond Lines
You can boost the amount of Trophy Points by using the Lines. There will be a timer once a boost is activated and a short cool-down period on when you can buy another boost. Boosts last for an hour, and you can only select one boost at a time.

Note: You can only get Diamond Boosts, which gives 200% in Trophy Points, by upgrading from Gold Line. The duration of the Boost will depend on how much time is left on your Gold Line before the upgrade.


Pack Basket

The Pack Basket bar fills up each time you earn Trophy Points. The more Points you earn, the more precious items you win!


Temporary POI: Ice Fishing Hole

The Ice Fishing Hole is an exclusive Place of Interest that you can go to forage for Event related items. It is temporary, and will be gone once the event ends.

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