FarmVille2: Build Your Winter Greenhouse!

Build the Winter Greenhouse. Raise your baby Palmera Cow to an adult. Win 5 Floral Crate Fences.

Release Date: 27/11/2018

Garden Basket
Greenhouse Panes
Greenhouse Door

Winter Greenhouse

Floral Bulb


Floral Crate Archway

Floral Crate Fence


Budding Bulbs

Blooming Bulbs
Blooming Bulbs

Budding Bulbs

Budding Bulbs

Blooming Bulbs

Materials for the Next Quest:

Snowman Contest Forms
Ice Resurfacer
Snowman Prize

Ask/Post to Friends:

Glass Trough

Wet Gravel


Baby Palmera Cow
Adult Palmera Cow
Prized  Palmera Cow

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