FarmVille2: Get the attractive Bengal Dayflower! (Market LE Items)

Plant Bengal Dayflower, check out Javan Badger Ferret, Ichang Lemon Trees and more!

Release Date: 19/11/2018


Prickly Moses Bouquet
Heirloom Prickly Moses Bouquet

Prickly Moses Wreath
Heirloom Prickly Moses Wreath

Dayflower Birdcage

Ichang Lemon Doughnuts
Heirloom Ichang Lemon Doughnuts

Ichang Lemon Scones
Heirloom Ichang Lemon Scones

Dayflower Rice


Baby Ameriflower Chicken
Adult Ameriflower Chicken
Prized Ameriflower Chicken

Baby Andravida Mini Horse
Adult Andravida Mini Horse
Prized  Andravida Mini Horse

Baby Kerry Hill Sheep
Adult Kerry Hill Sheep
Prized Kerry Hill Sheep

Baby Javan Badger Ferret
Adult Javan Badger Ferret
Prized Javan Badger Ferret


Texas Madrone Tree
Heirloom Texas Madrone Tree
Elder Texas Madrone Tree
Texas Madrone Tree Log
Heirloom Texas Madrone Tree Log

Ichang Lemon
Heirloom Ichang Lemon
Elder Ichang Lemon
Ichang Lemon Fruit
Heirloom Ichang Lemon Fruit

Prickly Moses
Heirloom Prickly Moses
Elder Prickly Moses
Prickly Moses Fruit
Heirloom Prickly Moses Fruit


Bengal Dayflower
Prized Bengal Dayflower
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