FarmVille2: Build Your Rescue Station!

Hi, Percy’s planning a Rescue Workshop to properly train animals to serve and protect the County, and he’ll need your assistance with all the training modules and demos. I hope you'll be able to help. He'll meet you at the Rescue Station!

Build the Rescue Station on your farm. Win 8 Autumn Bounty Fences from the Rescue Station. Collect Rescue Manuals for the Rescue Workshop! Collect more Rescue Manuals to keep training animals to be rescue-ready!

Release Date: 13/11/2018

Rescue Kit
Rescue Buoy
Rescue Blanket

Rescue Station
Rescue Manual


Baby Sardinian Donkey
Adult Sardinian Donkey
Prized Sardinian Donkey


A planter that captures the essence of Autumn!

Autumn Bounty Planter

Could you be falling for this Archway?

Autumn Bounty Archway

You Autumn love this one!

Autumn Bounty Fence

Shed your inhibitions!

Wagon Garden Shed

Materials for the Quests inside the building:

Animal Vest

Animal Timer

Rescuer Tag

Rescuer Medal

Training Hurdles

Climbing Rope


Emergency Canteen

Rescue Pouch

Horse Grooming Kit
Heirloom Horse Grooming Kit

Training Treats

Horse Biscuits

Waterskin Fabric

Ask/Post to Friends:

Nylon Strap

Horse Mane Brush


Carrot Mini Cakes

Material for the Next Quest:

Ceremonial Red Carpet
Appreciation Sashes
Red Bowtie

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