Expand to the Rocky Meadows and Planter's Prairie! (Coming Soon)

New Expansions are coming! 
Craft 2 Flaming Puddings at the Festive Bakehouse.
Pudding Out The Flame! Earn 4 Festive Fences. Swinging For The Fences!

Release Date: ?

Expansion 100:
Expand to the Tranquil Trails!
You've got Tomato this!

You won Norfolk Grey Chicken

Expansion 101:
Expand to the Driftwood Steppes!
Stew can do it!

You won 15 Speed Feed!

Expansion 102:
Expand to the Fountain Fields!
Time to Juice it up!

You won Water 10 Pack

Expansion 103:
Expand to the Clove Valley!
You Carne do this!

You won Baby Tudanca Cow

Expansion 104:
Expand to the Bloodroot Blossoms!
Have you de-Cider to start yet?

You won Golden Shovel

Expansion 105:
Expand to the Celestial Gardens!
Prove your crafting skills!

You won 500,000 Coins

Expansion 106:
Expand to the Yin Yang Yard!
You can do it if you Fry!

You won Fertilizer 50 Pack

Expansion 107:
Expand to the Potter's Prairie!
Get Prim and proper!

You won Baby White Guinea Hog

Expansion 108:
Expand to the Creeper Clearing!
Get those things on a Table!

You won Speed-grow 25 Pack

Expansion 109:
Expand to the Tembesu Terrace!
Time to craft, chop chop!

You won Baby Red Shire Horse


Bitter Tomato
Prized Bitter Tomato

Prized  Bloodroot

Prized Akebi

English Primrose
Prized English Primrose


Bloodroot Dye

Bloodroot Balm
Heirloom Bloodroot Balm

Akebi Basket

Primrose Vase

Primrose Wreath

Drawer Table
Heirloom Drawer Table

Hardwood Cupboard
Heirloom Hardwood Cupboard

Vegetable Chopping Board
Heirloom Vegetable Chopping Board

Thick Tomato Sauce

Tropical Bitter Tomato Salsa

Thick Stew

Bloodroot Juice
Heirloom Bloodroot Juice

Chili Corn Carne
Heirloom Chili Corn Carne

Heirloom Kedgeree

Mulled Cider
Heirloom Mulled Cider

Spiced Fragrant Pilaf
Heirloom Spiced Fragrant Pilaf

Akebi Tea
Heirloom Akebi Tea

Sauteed Akebi
Heirloom Sauteed Akebi

Akebi Stir Fry

Primrose Tea
Heirloom Primrose Tea


Baby Red Shire Horse
Adult Red Shire Horse
Prized Red Shire Horse

Baby Miniature Kingshire Cow

Adult Miniature Kingshire Cow

Prized Miniature Kingshire Cow

Baby British Texel Sheep
Adult British Texel Sheep
Prized British Texel Sheep

Baby Norman Donkey
Adult Norman Donkey
Prized Norman Donkey

Baby Black Tan Rabbit
Adult Black Tan Rabbit
Prized Black Tan Rabbit

Baby Chocolate Jersey Mini Cow
Adult Chocolate Jersey Mini Cow
Prized Chocolate Jersey Mini Cow

Baby Percheron Mini Horse
Adult Percheron Mini Horse
Prized Percheron Mini Horse


Heirloom Cloves
Elder Cloves
Cloves Fruit
Heirloom Cloves Fruit

Heirloom Tembesu
Elder Tembesu
Tembesu Fruit
Heirloom Tembesu Fruit

Ask/Post to Friends:

Intricate Chisel
Copper wood Chipper


Riverdance Fence

Driftwood Centerpiece

A Log Cabin

Chandelier Archway

Lilac Stone Arch

Floral Vine Fence

Planter's Plinth

Rocky Plinth

New Level:

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