Beat Your Best!

Beat Your Best Score! Win cool rewards! Earn Pig Medallions to win New Fences & a Charolais Cow!

The entire FarmVille community needs to contribute supplies and reach this goal for the Grand Feast! Reaching the community goal will unlock awesome rewards for everyone!

Earn State or County Fair Points to hit your daily target and beat your previous best score!

The Mulch Time Certificate allows you to collect infinite Water for 6 hours! Find your certficate in your inventory.

Release Date: 17/11/2016

6 hour Infinite Mulch

Instagrower Machine

Diamond Prize Shovel


Baby Comtois Horse
Adult Comtois Horse
Prized Comtois Horse

Baby Bulgarian Gray Cow
Adult Bulgarian Gray Cow
Prized Bulgarian Gray Cow

Baby Grey Grullo Mini Horse
Adult Grey Grullo Mini Horse
Prized Grey Grullo Mini Horse

Baby Flaxen Chestnut Mini Horse
Adult Flaxen Chestnut Mini Horse
Prized Flaxen Chestnut Mini Horse

Baby Camargue Mini Horse
Adult Camargue Mini Horse
Prized Camargue Mini Horse

Baby Randall Furry Cow
Adult Randall Furry Cow

Prized Randall Furry Cow

Baby Kentshire Mini Cow
Adult Kentshire Mini Cow
Prized Kentshire Mini Cow

Baby Belted Galloway Mini Cow
Adult Belted Galloway Mini Cow
Prized Belted Galloway Mini Cow


ButterCup Brick Post

ButterCup Brick Fence

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