Riverside Lottery Board!

Complete Requests to choose numbers. Pick a number to enter in the lucky draw.
Complete Water Crop Requests to choose a number for the Lottery.

Congratulations! You’ve selected your first number! Let’s do another Request. To be eligible, choose at least 3 numbers. Do this before the winning numbers are drawn.

Remember, choosing 6 numbers gives you the best chance of winning the Jumbo Jackpot!

Riverside Lottery Board

Take part in the lottery to win big rewards:

Speed-grow 20 Pack
Baby Bottle 30 Pack
Pack of 50 Golden Lures
Water 200 Pack
Speed-grow 125 Pack
Wishing Well
(For 5 days, get 50 water, plus a chance for a bonus reward up to 5 harvests!)
Baby Bottle 4 Pack
Baby Bottle 6 Pack
Fertilizer 15 Pack
Fertilizer 30 Pack
Power 20 Pack
Pack of 2 Golden Lures
Pack of 3 Golden Lures
Pack of 4 Golden Lures
Pack of 6 Golden Lures
Pack of 30 Golden Lures
Water 15 Pack
Water 20 Pack
Speed-grow 3 Pack
Speed-grow 4 Pack
Speed-grow 6 Pack
Fuel 15 Pack
Fuel 20 Pack

New Recipes:

Cranberry Sauce

Cranberry Crepe

Fruity Risotto

Rice Bagel

Stuffed Bamboo Shoot

Spiced Cranberries

Diet Sandwich

Watercress Rolls

Crunchy Stir-Fry

Cattail Syrup

Syrupy Pancakes

Bamboo Rice

Tasty Stuffing

Steamed Taro Buns

Wild Rice Salad

Crackle Top Bread

Rice Crackers

Fluffy Rice Cakes

Jellied Cranberries

Caramelized Bamboo Shoots

Hot and Sweet Sauce

Peppered Greens

Pepper Fried Rice

Paper Bag

Insect Trap Paper

Cran Shooter Toy

Hard Bound Diary

Bamboo Lamp

Jigsaw Puzzle

Outdoor Mat

White Lily Essential Oil

Letter Pad

White Corsage

Sturdy Woven Basket

Cran Rice Pudding

Hot Pepper Soup

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