Build Your Kite Making Station!

It's Flying Time! You and your friends worked hard to build the Kite Making Station! It's time to start the Kite Flying Lessons! Knock your crops off with your free instagrow for the day!

Your friends had a smashing time at Percy's Kite Flying Lessons and left some great gifts for you! The more Kite Making Stations you have, the more parties you can hold.

Release Date: 03/05/2016

Reel them in, or out, as you wish!

Rope Box

What's a Kite without its spine?

Wooden Stick

Can't make Kites without some!

Kite Paper

Learn to fly kites with your friends at the Kite Making Station!

Kite Making Station

Kite Stamp

New Materials for the Next Quest: "Love at First Kite"

Let everyone all know about the Kites!

Kite Party Handout

Now, you can speak out in style!

Ribbon Microphone

For that perfect shot you're always looking for!

Custom Camera

New Recipes:

Finely ground Corn. Thicken all the sauces you need!


The same familiar crunch, now with blueberry filling!

Blueberry Crust

When just one vegetable isn't enough!

Tomato Onion Sauce

Can't Ski with this one, unfortunately!

Sled Kite

The classic, and most likely everyone's first kite!

Diamond Kite

For that Farm Theme you were always looking for!

Barn Door Kite

6-sided flying fun!

Rokkaku Kite

When you want your kite dressed like yourself!

Sode Kite

Fly as many kites as you wish, for as long as you want!

Kite Gloves
Heirloom Kite Gloves

For those times when you need to keep your kite at bay!

Kite Stake

Control over every move your kite makes, right in your own hands!

Flight Straps

Never fear fast winds again!

Kite Windsock

For the scientifically minded!

Wind Gauge

A kite flyer's basic tool.

Kite Spool

New Ask/Post to Friends:

Split Bamboo

Shock Cord

Trailing Ribbons


Dovetail Saw

Craft Knife

Packing Tape

Nylon Thread

New Animal:

Baby Bog Turtle
Adult Bog Turtle
Prized Bog Turtle

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