Stew up some soup with the Skunk Cabbage! (Market LE Items)

Plant Skunk Cabbage and check out Tarentaise Cow, Silver Linden Trees and a whole lot more!
Release Date: 30/11/2015


Baby Tarentaise Cow
Adult Tarentaise Cow
Prized Tarentaise Cow

Baby Leicester Longwool Sheep
Adult Leicester Longwool Sheep
Prized Leicester Longwool Sheep

Baby Murray River Turtle
Adult Murray River Turtle
Prized Murray River Turtle

Baby Black Serama Chicken
Adult Black Serama Chicken
Prized Black Serama Chicken

Baby Red Salers Cow
Adult Red Salers Cow
Prized Red Salers Cow


Junglesop Tree
Heirloom Junglesop Tree
Elder Junglesop Tree
Junglesop Tree Fruit
Heirloom Junglesop Tree Fruit

Silver Linden Tree
Heirloom Silver Linden Tree
Elder Silver Linden Tree
Silver Linden Tree Fruit
Heirloom Silver Linden Tree Fruit

Chinquapin Oak Tree
Heirloom Chinquapin Oak Tree
Elder Chinquapin Oak Tree

Chinquapin Oak Tree Fruit
Heirloom Chinquapin Oak Tree Fruit


Skunk Cabbage Extract

Skunk Cabbage Soup

Junglesop Pie
Heirloom Junglesop Pie

Chinquapin Oak Acorn Cake
Heirloom Chinquapin Oak Acorn Cake

Silver Linden Extract
Heirloom Silver Linden Extract

Silver Linden Bouquet
Heirloom Silver Linden Bouquet


Skunk Cabbage
Prized Skunk Cabbage
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