Expand to the Rustic Highlands! (Coming Soon)

Expand to the Rustic Highlands for an uplifting experience!

Expansion 64:  "Moonlit Meadow"
Get the soil in tip top shape!

Expansion 65: "Gleaming Grounds"
Convince the goats to clear the grass!

Expansion 66: "Playful Pasture"
Put a pin in it!

Expansion 67: "Humble Heights"
Hire a clearing crew!

Expansion 68: "Delightful Dell"
Prove your chiptastic crafting skills!

Expansion 69: "Windy Woodland"
Get your paperwork in order!

Expansion 70: "Shady Steppe"
All in a day's work

Expansion 71: "Green Grove"
Prove your crafting skills!

New Ask/Post to Friends:

Four Point Chisel
Brown Wood Chipper

New Recipes:

Frangipani Wreath
Heirloom Frangipani Wreath

Frangipani Tart
Heirloom Frangipani Tart

Stir Fried Bitter Melon

Stuffed Indian Bitter Melon

Indian Bitter Melon Smoothie

Indian Bitter Melon Chips

Sauteed White Kohlrabi

White Kohlrabi Soup

White Kohlrabi Salad

White Kohlrabi Slaw
Heirloom White Kohlrabi Slaw

Pink Petunia Hair Pin

Pink Petunia Bouquet

Norway Spruce Tea Set

Heirloom Norway Spruce Tea Set

Norway Spruce Sun Lounger
Heirloom Norway Spruce Sun Lounger

Norway Spruce Book Shelf
Heirloom Norway Spruce Book Shelf

Cotton Hand Gloves

Cotton Teddy Bear

Cotton Tote

Pink Petunia Pot

New Trees:

Norway Spruce Tree
Heirloom Norway Spruce Tree
Elder Norway Spruce Tree
Norway Spruce Tree Log
Heirloom Norway Spruce Tree Log

New Crops:

White Kohlrabi
Prized White Kohlrabi

Indian Bitter Melon
Prized Indian Bitter Melon

Pink Petunia
Prized Pink Petunia

Prized Cotton

New Max Level
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