Get Lovely Lemon Bacopa! (Market LE Items)

Grow Lemon Bacopa and check out Chincoteaque Ponies, Monkey-Puzzle Trees, St Patrick's Day Decos and much more! Available for a limited time!


Lemon Bacopa
Prized Lemon Bacopa


Baby Cream Barbanter Chicken
Adult Cream Barbanter Chicken
Prized Cream Barbanter Chicken

Baby Kamori Goat
Adult Kamori Goat
Prized Kamori Goat

Baby Chincoteaque Pony
Adult Chincoteaque Pony
Prized Chincoteaque Pony

Baby White Holland Turkey
Adult White Holland Turkey
Prized White Holland Turkey


Monkey-Puzzle Tree
Heirloom Monkey-Puzzle Tree
Elder Monkey-Puzzle Tree
Monkey-Puzzle Tree Fruit
Heirloom Monkey-Puzzle Tree Fruit

Australian Finger Lime
Heirloom Australian Finger Lime
Elder Australian Finger Lime
Australian Finger Lime Fruit
Heirloom Australian Finger Lime Fruit

Siberian Pine Tree
Heirloom Siberian Pine Tree
Elder Siberian Pine Tree
Siberian Pine Tree Fruit
Heirloom Siberian Pine Tree Fruit


Australian Finger Lime Ice Cream
Heirloom Australian Finger Lime Ice Cream

Siberian Pine Nut Oil
Heirloom Siberian Pine Nut Oil

Siberian Pine Pesto Pasta
Heirloom Siberian Pine Pesto Pasta

Lemon Bacopa Tea
Heirloom Lemon Bacopa Tea

Lemon Bacopa Smoothie

Monkey-Puzzle Spice Rack
Heirloom Monkey-Puzzle Spice Rack
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