Collect badges for your farming achievements to rank up and earn rewards within the society!

Join a secret farming society and receive your flag and journal.
Mark your farming progress with badges in your journal!
Earn society rewards and rank up within the Keepers!


Rank Point

Aspiring Keeper
Bona Fide Keeper
Competent Keeper
Diligent Keeper
Efficient Keeper
Forthright Keeper
Generous Keeper
Honest Keeper
Industrious Keeper
Joyous Keeper


Aspiring Keeper's Flag Pole
Bona Fide Keeper's Flag Pole
Competent Keeper's Flag Pole
Diligent Keeper's Flag Pole
Efficient Keeper's Flag Pole
Forthright Keeper's Flag Pole
Generous Keeper's Flag Pole
Honest Keeper's Flag Pole
Industrious Keeper's Flag Pole
Joyous Keeper's Flag Pole


The Golden Shovel Certificate gives you double the County Fair points for 1 day!

Golden Shovel Certificate

The Speed Boost Certificate makes your avatar speedy for 1 week!

Speed Boost Certificate

The Free Water Time Certificate makes your wells or water tower overflow with infinite water for 1 day!

Free Water Time Certificate

The Power Time Certificate allows you to collect infinite power from your furnaces and windmills for 1 day!

Power Time Certificate

The Hungry Animal Time Certificate makes your animals hungry for 1 day!

Hungry Animal Time Certificate

The Fertilize All Certificate will instantly fertilize everything on your farm!

Fertilize All Certificate

The Level Up Certificate will instantly level your farm up to the next level!

Level Up Certificate

The Mystery Animal Certificate gives you a random baby Farm Buck animal!

Mystery Animal Certificate

The Double Mastery Certificate gives you double mastery points for 1 day!

Double Mastery Certificate

Certificate Silver

Certificate Bronze

Certificate Gold


White Chincoteague Pony

Adult White Chincoteague Pony

Prized White Chincoteague Pony

Baby Navajo-Churro Sheep
Adult Brown Navajo-Churro Sheep
Prized Brown Navajo-Churro Sheep


White Crape Myrtle Bookmark
Heirloom White Crape Myrtle Bookmark

White Crape Myrtle Bouquet
Heirloom White Crape Myrtle Bouquet

Black Eyed Susan Cookies

Purple Lilac Bouquet
Heirloom Purple Lilac Bouquet

Purple Lilac Wreath
Heirloom Purple Lilac Wreath

Orange Cassia Bouquet
Heirloom Orange Cassia Bouquet

Orange Cassia Wreath
Heirloom Orange Cassia Wreath

White Rose Lemonade
Heirloom White Rose Lemonade

New Hat:

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