"Owl Be Back" Quest Preview!

Winter Solstice is close, which can only mean one thing! Winter?
 No! It's time for the Parliament of the Owls! What's that?

 The Parliament of the Owls is when Snow Owls migrate to a farm of their choice! Really?
 Winter Is Coming. The Parliament also marks the coming of winter! 
Why don't we prepare for this year's event?

Winter Is Coming

The Parliament also marks the coming of winter! Why don't we prepare for this year's event?
Quest Tasks:
Have 1 Snow Owl Feeder, in case they pick your farm! 
Water 20 Red Pansy, the perfect setting for fall!
Feed 2 Adult Pheasant, more birds means more owls!

Parliament Is in Session

The Snow Owls love trees! Let's make them feel welcome by sprucing up this place, shall we?
Quest Tasks:
Collect 5 Owl Nibble 
Fertilize 4 Apple Tree
Make 2 Apple Pie, this one is for me to snack on!

Brown Eyed Owl

While they help out with the trees, we should help them too! Look, that one just looked at me with its big brown eyes!

Quest Tasks:
Gather 20 Water
Water 5 Heirloom Tree 
Have 1 Pear Diving Job!

Talon Show

Red Pansies are the perfect way to welcome any guests who happen by your farm! Don't forget the talon sharpeners for the owls!
Quest Tasks:
Collect 5 Talon Sharpener
Harvest 30 Red Pansy
Make 2 Red Pansy Flower Pot, a beautiful way to welcome your guests.

A Friend In Need

We should help them make friends on the farm. Meanwhile, keep an eye on the weather, so they can leave on time!

Quest Tasks:
Feed 4 Adult Chicken, they'll make great friends
Harvest 2 Pine Tree
Make 1 Rooster Weather Vane, watch out for the wind!

Free As A Bird

Tend to those animal buildings while I just go over here to look at those cute owls!

Quest Tasks:
Tend 2 Chicken Coop
Harvest 2 Rubber Tree
Make 1 Snow Owl Treat, you shouldn't get any of the dirt on you!

Hoot Can It Be Now?

Your farm is a seething bed of activity today, isn't it? Keep a look out for more owls!

Quest Tasks:
Collect 5 Spyglass. Are there many more owls coming?
Tend your Fertilizer Bin 2 times.
Make 5 Corn Meal, you'll clearly need more supplies for that incoming flock!


Settle everyone down a bit, will you? The owls will leave soon, and you'll need something to oil their feathers for the long journey back!

Quest Tasks:
Tend Goat Shelter 2 time
Harvest 2 Lemon Tree, it'll be a nice treat for the owls
Make 2 Olive Oil, for a comfortable journey back home!
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