New Recipes! (Coming Next Week)

Hello Farmers. During the next week, with the arrival of the Snow Owls will also come new productions. Here we report the production. Enjoy!

Here for the Snow Owl Feeder Construction =>
Here for "Owl Be Back" Quest Preview! =>

Feather Cleaner: Dust those corners to sparkling cleanliness.


Feather CleanerBlack Feather x8 + Rope x8

Watering Hole: A small well for your animals to drink from.


Watering HoleSternbergia x8 + Mud x8

Camouflage Paint: Hide in plain sight with this classic disguise.


Camouflage PaintSternbergia x8 + Water x2

1 Snow Owl Treat: Digging Gloves that will give you 1 Snow Owl Treat


1 Snow Owl Treat = Wool x8 + Wheat x10

2 Snow Owl Treat: A Garden Spade Set that will give you 2 Snow Owl Treats


2 Snow Owl Treat = Horseshoe x6 + How-to-Garden Manual x2

3 Snow Owl Treat: A Sieve that will give you 3 Snow Owl Treats


3 Snow Owl Treat = Pumpkin x6 + Copper Mesh x2
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