Red Pansies are Autumn's Answer to Color! (Market LE Items)

Paint your farm with Red Pansies and check out Red Necked Ostriches, Autumn Blooming Cherry Trees, and much more! Available for a limited time!


Struthio camelus australis, or the southern ostrich: is native to Ethiopia and the southern most regions of Africa.

Baby Southern Ostrich
Adult Southern Ostrich
Prized Southern Ostrich

Struthio camelus camelus, or the red-necked ostrich: is native to central and northern Africa.

Baby Greater Rhea Ostrich
Adult Red Necked Ostrich
Prized Red Necked Ostrich

Rhea americana americana, or the Greater Rhea: is South America's largest native bird species.

Baby Greater Rhea Ostrich
Adult Greater Rhea Ostrich
Prized Greater Rhea Ostrich

The cinnamon Juliana miniature pig: is named so because of its color and not its smell.

Baby Cinnamon Juliana Miniature Pig
Adult Cinnamon Juliana Miniature Pig
Prized Cinnamon Juliana Miniature Pig

The Racka sheep: is known for its beautiful and unique spiral horns.

Baby Southern Ostrich
Adult Southern Ostrich 
Prized Southern Ostrich


Fresh whole wheat batter and yellow delicious apples: combine in this simple recipe for Yellow Delicious Apple Tarts!

Yellow Delicious Apple Tart
Heirloom Yellow Delicious Apple Tart

You'll be hard-pressed to find a better cider than Yellow Delicious Apple Cider!

Yellow Delicious Apple Cider
Heirloom Yellow Delicious Apple Cider

Yellow Delicious Cider Donuts: are filled with big chunks of real yellow delicious apples!

Yellow Delicious Cider Donut
Heirloom Yellow Delicious Cider Donut

Try the slightly more mature flavor of this Autumn Blooming Cherry Juice!

Autumn Blooming Cherry Juice
Heirloom Autumn Blooming Cherry Juice

Autumn Blooming Cherry Pie: is the perfect dessert for the harvest season!

Autumn Blooming Cherry Pie
Heirloom Autumn Blooming Cherry Pie

Soft flaky batter and autumn blooming cherries are all you need to make Autumn Blooming Cherry Turnovers!

Autumn Blooming Cherry Turnover
Heirloom Autumn Blooming Cherry Turnover

An Orange Tea Olive Wreath: combines bright greens and soft oranges in a decoration perfect for fall!

Orange Tea Olive Wreath
Heirloom Orange Tea Olive Wreath

Keep the look of an autumn flower all year round with instructions for Orange Tea Olive Dried Flowers!

Orange Tea Olive Dried Flowers
Heirloom Orange Tea Olive Dried Flowers

An Orange Tea Olive Vase: is an arrangement perfect for fall!

Orange Tea Olive Vase
Heirloom Orange Tea Olive Vase

A Red Pansy Wreath on your doorway: is a cheerful greeting for any guest!

Red Pansy Wreath
Heirloom Red Pansy Wreath

Brighten up any room with an elegant Red Pansy Vase!

Red Pansy Vase
Heirloom Red Pansy Vase

What windowsill wouldn't be more beautiful with the addition of a Red Pansy Flower Pot?

Red Pansy Flower Pot


A yellow delicious apple tree: gives us lovely white flowers in the spring and pale yellow apples in the fall.

Yellow Delicious Apple Tree
Heirloom Yellow Delicious Apple Tree
Elder Yellow Delicious Apple Tree 
Yellow Delicious Apple Tree Fruit

Prunis subhirtella autumnalis, or the autumn blooming cherry tree: blooms uniquely -- as its name suggests -- in the fall.

Autumn Blooming Cherry Tree
Heirloom Autumn Blooming Cherry Tree
Elder Autumn Blooming Cherry Tree
Autumn Blooming Cherry Tree Fruit

Osmanthus fragrans aurantiacus, or the orange tea olive tree: produces soft orange flowers that are used in a variety of sweet concoctions.

Orange Tea Olive Tree
Heirloom Orange Tea Olive Tree
Elder Orange Tea Olive Tree
Orange Tea Olive Tree Fruit


The red pansy: is a gorgeous red flower with black markings.

Red Pansy
Red Pansy Prizedobber
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