New Recipes for the Ostrich Theme!

Hey farmers! In our farm came the Ostriches !! 
Breed together a nest of small ostriches and produce the materials needed for great rewards!


Bucket of Plaster


Bucket of Plaster = Plaster Powder x1 + Water x4

Plume Hair Combo


Plume Hair Combo = Ostrich Plume x1 + Metal Sheets x1

Plume Fan


Plume FanOstrich Plume x3 + Ostrich Plume x3

Down Jacket


Down Jacket = Ostrich Plume x4 + Leather x2

Plume Necklace


Plume Necklace = Ostrich Plume x4 + Chain Link x3

Spackling Paste


Spackling Paste = Bucket of Plaster x1 + Construction Paste x2

Down Pillow

Down Pillow = Ostrich Plume x5 + Wool Bolt x2

Plaster Powder

Plaster Powder = Ostrich Egg x3 + Ostrich Egg x3

Doll Body


Doll Body = Doll Fabric x1 + Rope x4

Doll Fabric


Doll Fabric = Wool x5 + Fine Wool x2

Gus Doll


Gus Dool = Dolly Body x1 + Green Plaid Shirt x4

Crafting Klin:

Eggshell Bowl


Eggshell Bowl = Ostrich Egg x1 + Porcelain x3

Blue Egg


Blue Egg = Ostrich Egg x1 + Blue Glaze x3

Jeweled Egg


Jeweled Egg = Blue Egg x1 + Bag of Gold Dust x2
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