Orange You Excited for Daylilies! (Market LE Items)

Master our new Orange Daylily crop, and check out Tricolor Romeldale Sheep, Rumberry Trees, and more!  Available for a limited time!


The Orange Daylily: flowers for but a single day in its life-cycle.

Orange Daylily


Chrysophyllum oliviforme, or the Rumberry Tree: thrives in warm climates where it produces small red to purple berries that are used in desserts and drinks.

Rumberry Fruit

Heirloom Rumberry Fruit

Calibertia patinoi, or the Borojó Tree: produces a fruit that is often used in health foods, juices, and smoothies.

Borojó Tree

Heirloom Borojó Tree

Zelkova Serrata, or the Zelkova Tree: can extend up to eighty feet in height and can grow a canopy nearly as wide.

Zelkova Tree

Heirloom Zelkova Tree


The Tan Provence Donkey: is a variant of a domesticated breed long used in the Provence region of France.

Baby Tan Provence Donkey

Adult Tan Provence Donkey

Prized Tan Provence Donkey

The Romeldale sheep: was bred in 1915 from the cross of Romney rams and Rambouillet ewes.

Baby Tricolor Romeldale Sheep

Adult Tricolor Romeldale Sheep

Prized Tricolor Romeldale Sheep

The first Spotted Poland China Pig: was bred neither in Poland nor in China but in Miami Valley, Ohio.

Baby Spotted Poland China Pig

Adult Spotted Poland China Pig

Prized Spotted Poland China Pig

Although the Blue Ring-neck Pheasant: can be found in the United States, it is native to China and East Asia.

Baby Blue Ring-neck Pheasant

Adult Blue Ring-neck Pheasant

Prized Blue Ring-neck Pheasant


Rumberry juice: is a sweet beverage treat in many parts of the Caribbean.

Rumberry Juice

Heirloom Rumberry Juice

Sweet bojoro fruit and fresh ice cream: give us this refreshing summer treat.

Borojó Smoothie

Heirloom Borojó Smoothie

Take bojoro fruit juice and add water: simple, healthy, and delicious!

Borojó Ice Pop

Heirloom Borojó Ice Pop

A flowered wreath of orange daylilies: capturing the beauty of a flower that blooms for but a single day.

Orange Daylily Wreath

With the proper preservation techniques, you can for capture the beauty of a flower that blossoms for but a single day: the orange daylily.

Daylily Dried Flowers

Tell someone you love them with a bouquet of delicate orange daylilies.

Daylily Bouquet

Perfect for a special occasion, this festive archway is crafted of strong Zelkova wood and adorned with bright orange daylily flowers.

Daylily and Zelkova Archway

Heirloom Daylily and Zelkova Archway

The keyaki wood of the Zelkova tree: is prized in Japan for use in furniture like this beautiful table.

Zelkova Table

Heirloom Zelkova Table

A Zelkova stool: made from prized keyaki wood: simple, functional, elegant.

Zelkova Stool

Heirloom Zelkova Stool
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