Changes to My Family Farm!

Hi Farmers,
Last month we were very excited to add My Family Farm to FarmVille 2. Here on the team we are constantly assessing the game’s balance, so that we can keep it from becoming too easy or too frustrating.  We have realized that My Family Farm didn’t strike the right difficulty balance for many players.

We have also heard from players they they find the mechanics of Spouse Energy to be confusing and keeping track of Energy to be an overall distraction from the core farming experience players love so much. 
We work hard to bring FV2 players features that they will enjoy, and it’s become clear that we fell short of that goal this time. We’re committed to getting it right, and the team has already started working to improve My Family Farm.

Here are the adjustments you can expect to see us make in early September. These changes will simplify MFF and make it easier to understand and use:
  • Job rewards will be increased by 150% – 200% 
  • Sweethearts will have their Energy reduced to 1, which refills every 23 hours
  • Meals will require more resources to make
  • Players will receive a pack of Energy after successfully Training a new Job
As always, we are grateful to our players for being the vocal, supportive community that you are. We appreciate your feedback and we hope the changes we’ve described help keep FarmVille 2 and My Family Farm in your hearts for years to come. 
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