Mayor May Not, Quest Preview!

Make sure Marie and Walter have a great place to address the crowd!

Political Partying 1-8

Make sure Marie and Walter have a great place to address the crowd, and gather ingredients for crowd-pleasing snacks!

Quest Tasks:

Harvest 15 Purple Tomatillo

Feed 2 Adult Cow

Harvest 10 Onion

Big Tent Party 2-8

Nobody will come and vote if it's too hot or wet out. Get some shelter so folks don't swelter!

Quest Tasks:

Collect 5 Election Party Tent.

Harvest 20 Tomato

Make 2 Purple Tomatillo Salsa to entice voters.

A Good Impression 3-8

We really need to make this place shine for the big debate. I'll get the soap, you get the help!

Quest Tasks:

Perform 5 helpful actions on Neighbor farms.

Harvest 3 Rubber Tree

Make 2 Rubber Band, to tie up the trash.

Hurling the Sterling 4-8

We’ll be done in no time if we sing while we work! "Wipe on! Wipe away! Buff and dust 'em, all the day!"

Quest Tasks:

Collect 5 Tin of Silver Polish to polish Barb's silver.

Feed 4 Adult Duck

Make 4 Feather Duster to prep the farm for visitors.

Souvenir of the Year 5-8

There's nothing like political souvenirs to pack 'em in. See if you can make something on-topic!
Quest Tasks:

Tend your Mud Wallow 2 times.

Feed 4 Adult Pig to get some Mud.

Make 2 Piggy Cookie Jar for the crowds.

Barbaraque 6-8

Find some delicious recipes to make from seasonal veggies and don’t forget {nl} hors d'oeuvres!

Quest Tasks:

Harvest 15 Purple Tomatillo

Make 3 Purple Tomatillo Salsa

Make 2 Deviled Eggs

Horse Shoo 7-8

Get those horses under control, and figure out a way to make people comfy and safe.
Quest Tasks:

Collect 5 Folding Chair

Feed 4 Adult Horse

Make 2 Pointy Garden Fence for security

Photo Opportunities 8-8

Pose for photos doing farmy things during the debate! Think of the attention our lil' election will get!

Quest Tasks:

Tend your Yogurt Creamery 2 times.

Harvest 4 Rubber Tree

Make 2 Rope Photo Frame.
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