Chagrin at the Inn, Quest Preview!

I've been so active in planning the big debate, I neglected to stock up the pantry and fix the place up!

A Vote for Berries 1-8

Exit polls from B&B guests indicate guests want more berries, a FarmVille specialty!

Quest Tasks:

Water 24 Blackberry.

Feed 3 Adult Pig for Mud.

Make 1 Terracotta to patch up the B&B.

Prize Photography 2-8

Distract these photographers by dishing out some of your prized blackberries!

Quest Tasks:

Collect 5 Wooden Spoon

Harvest 24 Blackberry

Earn 200 County Fair Point to distract the journalists.

Charmalade 3-8

The way to a journalist's heart seems to be through their stomach!

Quest Tasks:

Harvest 24 Blueberry

Feed 6 Adult Goat to keep 'em out of the berries.

Make 2 Berry Marmalade to please the press corps.

Sprouting Outing 4-8

Show the election crowd around the farm to see what is sprouting up this time of year!
Quest Tasks:

Collect 5 Hand Beater for the B&B.

Prune 4 trees for the crowd.

Raise 1 Baby Cow to an adult!

Sweet and Sour 5-8

A nice cranberry treat would certainly create some waves around here. They come from the river correct?
Quest Tasks:

Harvest 40 Cranberry

Feed 4 Adult Chicken so they won't eat the cranberries!

Make 3 Sugared Cranberries

Bamanna From Heaven 6-8

Let's give everyone a taste of the original FarmVille banana pie recipe from the old days. It's a tradition!
Quest Tasks:

Harvest 6 Heirloom BananTree

Feed 3 Adult Cow to entertain the kids

Make 2 Heirloom BananCream Pie

Little White Lilies 7-8

Those kids from Camp Appaloosa absconded with my knives for wood carving. The nerve!
Quest Tasks:

Collect 5 Fancy Cheese Knife

Fertilize 30 White Lily

Make 10 White Lily Bouquet

Farm Spudsidies 8-8

Let's "occupy" their stomachs with something starchy, filling and satiating. Comfort food time!
Quest Tasks:

Harvest 50 Potato

Make 5 Potato Roll.

Make 2 Peppered Mashed Potatoes
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