"The Certificate Booth" Official Guide

Build your Certificate Booth to earn rewards and a White Teacup Pig.

Collect Happiness Certificates from feeding adult animals. Using Speed Feed/ Super Feed guarantees a Happiness Certificate. Happiness Certificates can also be crafted in the Crafting Workshop.

Craft 2 Happiness Certificates using Piece of Wood and Toy Bags

Craft 2 Heirloom Happiness Certificates using Heirloom Piece of Wood and Toy Bags.

Craft 3 Happiness Certificates using Metal Sheets and Toy Bin.

When you collected enough Happiness Certificates, you will earn all the rewards.Reward 1: Happy Animal Lights

Reward 2: Happy Animal Planter

Reward 3: Oriental Thuja Tree

Reward 4: Happy Animal Fountain

After collecting all 4 Rewards, you will earn the Baby White Teacup Pig.

Happy Farming~!
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