Scale Feature (Coming Soon)

Here some of the upcoming feature for Tuesday in Farmville 2. And from what it looks we will have a buidable Farmville 2 Scale. And it seems Walter will explain on what this Scale is for. From what we understand once we completed the Scale we may receive rewards if we feed enough of our farm animals.
There are four rewards which is mostly play area decoration and a bonus prize of Polish Frizzle Chicken. As usual we have some of the early images of this feature and we hope it will give you a general idea on how this feature works. If it does please don’t forget to share.
Place the Farmville 2 Scale in your farm right after the pop up message.

Now that Walter have explained to you what the Farmville 2 Scale is for, you will then have a chance to collect the necessary parts to finish the Scale.

As we can see, we will need Scale Arrows, Scale Faces and Scale Rings.
Now after collecting enough parts for the Scale, we can now finally build it. But first we need a couple of helpers so we will need to ask our friends if they can be one of our builder. After gathering enough helpers we can finally finish the scale.

Now that we have a completed Farmville 2 Scale and just like what Walter said at the introduction he will give us rewards and among them are as follows:


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