Spring Into Country Living!

Hey Farmers,

Spring into Country Living with new Limited Edition items! The Pink Landrace Pig is known for it's adorable floppy ears and elongated body, but did you know that it's also available in the General Store for COINS? Check out the information below for more details about our latest release and be sure to let us know which addition is your favorite!

New Limited Edition items:

Spring Cabana – 26 Farm Bucks
Spring Hanging Plant Post – 12 Farm Bucks
White Wood Gate – 6 Farm Bucks
Post Capped Picket Fence – 3 Farm Bucks
White Wood Bridge – 6,300 Coins

New Limited Edition Trees:

Flavorosa Pluot Tree – 12 Farm Bucks
Empress Tree – 12 Farm Bucks

New Limited Edition Animals:

Baby Doll Sheep – 34 (Baby 21) Farm Bucks
Nigerian Dwarf Goat – 40 (Baby 23) Farm Bucks
Thorold’s Deer – 40 (Baby 27) Farm Bucks
Dales Pony – 63 (Baby 35) Farm Bucks (reissue!)
Spotted Appaloosa horse – 43 (Baby 33) Farm Bucks (reissue!)
Pink Landrace Pig – (Baby 12,000 Coins) 27 Farm Bucks (permanent addition!)


New Limited Edition Crops:

Swiss Chard – 30 Coins, matures in 1 hour

New Crafting Kitchen Recipes (level 7):

Flavorosa Crumble Bar
Pluot Lemonade
Tart Swiss Chard

New Crafting Workshop Recipes (level 7):

Empress Flower Bouquet
Scented Empress Floral Bag
Pluot Wreath

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