Discover the Oven Craft!

This weekend we showed you a sneak preview of a variety of new objects, pretty amazing in terms of income xp and coins! These objects will have to be in the oven make crafts. We do not know yet how much energy will be needed to make these new objects, but it would make sense that these objects requires more energy when they fabriquation.

The oven will be to build an object. As usual, it will take 4 neighbors to complete the construction of four crafts. For materials together, you should apply the batch of hewn stone, powder clay, pottery wheel.

Heat beloved

  1. Fed adult Pigs for mud you need
  2. Harvest plots of strawberries
  3. Prepares a strawberry lemonade to withstand the heat of the oven craft

In table!

  1. Retrieves ancient pottery to give you ideas
  2. Take care of both of your stove in case you need more heat
  3. Fed adult sheeps to show them that you are always thinking of them

Pottery Tour

  1. Fed adult Pigs for mud oven for crafts
  2. Harvest Swiss chard plots as they become available
  3. Manufactures terracotta blocks to the ideal flat


  1. Retrieves magnifiers to identify imperfections on your pottery 
  2. Drawing water from wells to cool the atmosphere in the furnace craft
  3. Manufactures under-the-flat to protect your pretty floral table

A walk in the mud

  1. Fed adult Pigs for mud and use it in the oven craft
  2. Retrieves échardons Swiss pies
  3. Swiss manufacture échardons

You make boxes

  1. Retrieves packing boxes to protect your fragile items  
  2. Harvest onion plots to return the soil for mud quality
  3. Manufactures porcelain cups to prove your mastery

Heat absorption

  1. Take care of adult pigs for increasing mud oven for your craft
  2. Drawing water from wells to cool the atmosphere increasing
  3. Manufactures under-the-flat for floral style to your table
Just the right price prixLe
  1. Retrieves labels to sell your items  
  2. Harvesting wheat plots to feed your hungry pigs
  3. Produces lots of slip to deal with all eventualities
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