Sell these Items through Craft Shop for Coins!

Just a few minutes ago we showed you a sneak preview of the next workshop craftsman 2 FarmVille ! After some additional research we found that the missions will also be available tonight! You can now begin to anticipate to avoid waiting times.  All these items will be making in the artisan workshop . It will bring together different elements such as leather, worms, metal …. the price of these items is relatively higher than those already in the kitchen.

These missions will be an opportunity to build tons of new decorative items also to sell in Cornelius. This is the second workshop after the kitchen and probably others are coming .

Special offer
I discovered a new source of income. And I earn more coins.

  • Place yourself as a crafts workshop in your farm
  • Recruit and use five laborers to prove your business sense
  • Visit the farm of Walter and help him to thank

Chocolate comfort
Before you begin, turn your workspace into a comfortable place.

  • Recovers 5 cups of chocolate for your holidays
  • 30 harvest for your chocolate marshmallows
  • Prepare 5 cups of hot chocolate to help you at work

Rain of coins
You can not escape it. If you want to earn coins, you need to invest to start.

  • Look after winning five hens eggs for good
  • Factory 6 egg crate top-end to make a fortune
  • Wins 1000 pieces selling your precious products on your market stall

Material assistance
To make good products, you need resources.

  • Harvest 40 crops for resources
  • 20 doses produces food for your nice animals
  • Take care of 10 goats for winning valuable ingredients

Let there be light!
I heard that farms well decorated attracted more visitors. I see it as a potential profit

  • Recovers 5 Christmas lights to attract visitors
  • Draws water from two wells to refresh your visitors
  • Prépare3 goat cheese pies to sell to visitors

At work
Turning now to our main goal, make a lot of money.

  • Finish your workshop and sit down to work
  • Performs 5 actions neighborhood to announce the opening of your workshop
  • 8 produces wool roller for its extreme softness

Christmas in blue
But I’m sure you need something else …

  • 5 recovers gift wrap for the holidays 
  • 8 doses produces blue dye to tissues
  • Factory 4 blue handkerchiefs for gift wrapping

Full of energy
Like any industrial company, your workshop needs one thing.

  • Take care of your furnace 2 times for energy
  • Factory 5 spindle wool
  • Factory 5 lucky glass

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