Full Details of Winning Coops!

Farmville 2: Check out the full details of the missions of winning coop! As we just tell you this, we will soon be able to build a chicken coop for our hens Special rewarded! By storing our chickens inside they no longer matter in our animal population and spend 50% less food when you feed them all at the same time! This chicken will come with a series of 8 new missions including full details here.

Giggling in series 1 of 8 – Beautiful chickens
Winning hens deserve the best. Get a henhouse.

  • Place a chicken coop for your chickens winning
  • Buys one chick
  • Student 1 chick to adulthood

Giggling in series 2 of 8 – Premiums hens
Hens winning do not become idle.

  • Harvesting sugar beet plots for your little chickens
  • Doses prepares food for your hens very mobile
  • Feed your chickens unprimed

Giggling in series 3 of 8 – Challenge hens
Do not give up, this is not the time to have meat … chicken!

  • Completes the construction of a chicken coop for your chickens chic
  • 1 hen winning student
  • Has winning chickens on your farm

Giggling in series 4 of 8 – Eyes in eggs
Winning hens must be pampered to produce beautiful eggs

  • Doses prepares food to delight your hens
  • Help your neighbors to watch their chickens
  • Take care of your chicken coop for your hens admire

Giggling in series 5 of 8 – Sugar Darling
It takes sugar beets, I’m sure. Make it grow.

  • Retrieves glass jars for sugar beets
  • Fertilize your plots of sugar beets to get much larger
  • Prepares braided breads beets for dinner!

Giggling in series 6 of 8 – boxes and boxes
It is pampering your birds that you will get good products for your farm. At work.

  • Feed your chickens to avoid ordinary neglect
  • Harvest brown eggs from your chickens winning
  • Manufactures egg crate top-end

Giggling in series 7 of 8 – A Magical Evening
A chicken sure is a chicken productive.

  • Recovers 5 cocks dummy to ensure the safety of chickens
  • Take care of your chicken coop to pamper
  • Makes 5 shares in the farm of Walter to help

Giggling in series 8 of 8 – winning chicken
The chickens love their new barn so they stop laying more.

  • Prepare pancake pasta in the kitchen for baking

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