Wandering Witch Bunny! (FarmVille2)

Hey Farmers!

A tiny, timid, and trembling Witch Bunny has wandered onto your Farm. Will you give it a home? Build a Cauldron, collect Enchanted Carrots and this adorable Bunny will be yours to keep! Honestly, how could you say no to that face?

When you open FarmVille 2, you will see the following pop-up. Click on “How Sad!” to get started. 

After clicking, you will see the Bunny’s Brew Quest Menu. It shows you all of the tasks you have to complete to get the Witch Bunny. 

If you close this menu and need to access it later to see your progress, just click on the Witch Bunny wandering around your farm. 

Your first task asks you to construct a buildable. Your Witch Bunny is hankering for some special stew and it can only be obtained from a Cauldron. Luckily, after you have built the Cauldron, you will be able to keep it as a fun decoration on your Farm!

In order to build the Cauldron you will need building materials and some help from your Neighbors. 

Your first step is collecting Building Materials. You will need the following items to start buildings your Cauldron:

  • Wood Planks
  • Metal
  • Bubbling Brew

Once you have collected the required items, click on the “Start Building” button at the bottom of the construction Menu. 
In addition to the materials, you will need to request the following help from your Neighbors as builders of the Cauldron.

Now that you have the parts you need, you will have to recruit your Neighbors to help you build the Cauldron. If you do not wish to wait for your friends to accept your Crew requests, you can purchase Builders with Farm Bucks by clicking on the “Hire One” button. 

Once you have filled all of the necessary builder spots, it’s time to get your Cauldron built. Click on the “Finish Building” button to complete your structure.

Once you have built your Cauldron, all you have left to do is collect some yummy Enchanted Carrots!

From the Bunny’s Brew Quest Menu, click on the “Ask Friends” button next to the third task. This will allow you to send a request to your friends for Enchanted Carrots. Once you have collected the required amount, you will see the following pop-up:

The Witch Bunny is now yours to keep! Feed your Bunny Milk Bottles and it will grow into a Witch Rabbit that you can harvest for Wool!

Additional Information:

  • There is a separate quest line associated with the Witch Bunny ("Witch Bunny Whispers"). Like all quests, it will reward you will Coins and XP when completed, but it will not award you with a Bunny. To get the Witch Bunny, you must complete the tasks outlined above (“Bunny’s Brew Quest“) that appears when clicking the Wandering Witch Bunny.
  • You have 13 days to complete the Witch Bunny Tasks. If you do not complete them, the Witch Bunny will disappear and you will be unable to claim it!
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