Trick or Treat Guide! (FarmVille2)

Hey Farmers!

The new Trick or Treat feature is now available! Head on over to FarmVille 2 and harvest your crops for a chance to find pieces of Candy. You can redeem this Candy for all kinds of spooktacular prizes, including the Limited Edition Teddy Sheep!

If you are level 5, you will see the following pop-up when entering FarmVille 2. Click on “Place Candy Shack” to get started. 

Once it’s placed, you will see another pop-up. Click on “Share rewards” to post a feed to your wall that your friends can click on for some free Candy. 

Your Candy Shack comes pre-built, so you can get straight to the Candy collecting! As mentioned earlier in the guide, you have a chance of finding Candy when harvesting your crops. You have a higher chance of finding Candy when harvesting Pumpkins and White Pumpkins, but the most efficient way of getting Candy is from your friends and Neighbors. 

Using the Candy Shack

Click on the Candy Shack to open the Trick or Treat menu. 

This menu shows how many pieces of Candy you have collected and what prizes you are currently eligible to redeem. 

A - The total amount of Candy you have. As you redeem prizes, this number decreases.
B - The button to use when you want to redeem a prize. Once you have enough Candy, this button will turn blue.
C - The number of Farm Bucks required to purchase Candy.

Collecting Candy

If you find candy, it will appear in similar fashion to prized crops. 

When a glowing Candy appears on your farm after harvesting, click on it and you will see the following pop-up:

Click on “share rewards” to post a feed to your wall. Your friends will be able click on this feed to claim some free Candy for themselves. Once you have clicked on the Candy, it will automatically be added to your Candy total in your Candy Shack. 

If you are not finding as much Candy as you would like by Harvesting, it’s time to talk to your Neighbors. Candy can also be received from friends via feed posts and the Free Gifts page. 

Individual pieces of Candy can also be purchased with Farm Bucks from the Candy Shack menu. 

Redeeming Candy for Prizes

Once you have collected enough Candy, it can be redeemed for some awesome prizes. Click on your Candy Shack to open up your progress menu. 

At the bottom of this menu, there are a total of 4 prizes that can be redeemed for Candy:

  • Jack-O-Lantern (5 Candy)
  • Cobweb Fence (12 Candy)
  • Cat-O-Lantern (23 Candy)
  • Bat Kite (56 Candy)

All 4 of these prizes can be redeemed as many times as you like, as long as you have enough Candy. Once you have collected all 4 of the above prizes, you will earn the adorable Teddy Sheep! 

Note: You will need to redeem each of the items before you get credit towards the Teddy Sheep.

Click on the “Get it” button to claim your new 4 legged friend! 

Note: The Teddy Sheep can only be redeemed for Candy once. If you wish to get additional Teddy Sheep, you will have to purchase them with Farm Bucks via the Candy Shack. 

If you don’t feel like collecting Candy, all of the above prizes can also be purchased in unlimited quantities for Farm Bucks. 
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2 commenti:

  1. How many feeds until the Teddy Sheep becomes prized?

    1. I do not remember exactly ... more or less 64 candies to get it...However The Teddy Bear Sheep is the bonus animal you get with the candy. You use the candy to get one of each of the four special decorations found in the Candy House. When you have gotten one of each of the decorations, you get the Teddy Bear Sheep as a bonus.