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Deck up your farm with cute Rabbit Ear Irises! (Market LE Items)

Plant Rabbit Ear Iris, check out Partridge Chantecler Chicken, Purple Robe Locust Trees and more!

Release Date: 07/11/2016


Rabbit Ear Iris Boat
Heirloom Rabbit Ear Iris Boat

Rabbit Ear Iris Vase
Heirloom Rabbit Ear Iris Vase


Baby Partridge Chantecler Chicken
Adult Partridge Chantecler Chicken
Prized Partridge Chantecler Chicken

Baby Bond Sheep
Adult Bond Sheep
Prized Bond Sheep

Baby Hog Island Ram
Adult Hog Island Ram
Prized Hog Island Ram

Baby Jacob Ram
Adult Jacob Ram
Prized Jacob Ram

Baby Bond Ram
Adult Bond Ram
Prized Bond Ram


Rabbit Ear Iris
Prized Rabbit Ear Iris
Angelo Zambrano

Angelo Zambrano

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