Build Your Animal Inn!

-Open an inn for townsfolk to leave their animals.
-Tend your own animals to get Permits to open rooms.
-Win a fabulous baby Anglo Kabarda Horse!

Hey just arrived at your Animal Inn! Get Permits and fill rooms at your inn faster! Helper Cards give you amazing advantages that'll help you win the Anglo Kabarda Horse faster!

Release Date: 01/11/2016

Animal Inn Sign
Reception Lamp
Window Frame

Animal Inn

Get enough Reception Bells to activate Helper Cards and run a successful inn!

Reception Bell


Host guests in these premium rooms to earn extra Star Reviews.

Premium Room - Premium Permit

Host guests in these rooms to earn Star Reviews.

Standard Room - Standard Permit


Earn Star Reviews from happy guests!

Star Review


Baby Anglo Kabarda Horse
Adult Anglo Kabarda Horse
Prized Anglo Kabarda Horse


Brighten up your farm with this peppy, pretty wall!

Inn Garden Wall

 Big, bright and beautiful - a very welcoming addition to your farm.

Inn Garden Gate

Materials for the Next Quest:

Guest Book
Water Dispenser
Mint Air Freshener

Pack of Permits:

Large pack of Premium Permits

Large pack of Standard Permits

Pack of Standard and Premium Permits

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